farmer’s wife put on trial

"Three blind mice"

Monday morning my partner, John and I (police officers) where driving around and all of a sudden we hear screaming from a farm house on a hill. Other farmers came to see what all the commotion was about. John decided as we tagged along with him to investigate and found a women with a carving knife trying to cut off a tail of a mice. We told her to stop but she wouldn’t and continued cutting the mice tails off and went onto the other two mice, the lady was crazy. John and I arrested the lady for what she did to the three mice. We informed her of her Miranda rights. The right to an attorney, court appointed attorney if necessary to appeal. The right to have an attorney present, and the right to stop answering questions. Shortly after being arrested the farm lady was sent to a hearing where probable cause and bail will be set by the judge. A bail is a temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial. The lady stated that she wanted Plea Bargaining, which means to allow for a lesser sentence. Misdemeanor- lesser offense, results in small fine and/or short jail time. Both John and I thought she was very much guilty and had convicted a felony, which is when you commit a greater crime, stiffer punishment. The next day the case was presented to the Grand Jury by prosecuting attorney. The victims and witnesses testify as to their account of the offense. The defendant and defendant prosecuted are not present to these kind of things. Usually Grand Jury proceedings are initially secret. At the grand jury mostly everyone started to believe that the farmer lady was guilty so they decided to give an indictment, which means to be formal charged. Soon enough the lady was notified of the indictment and the time, place, and date of the Arraignment. She then had to appear at the Superior Court, which is where the case was sent. The defendant is unable to afford legal assistance, so she will have a public defender which is a lawyer employed at public expense in a criminal trial to represent a defendant. They had to call the defendant before a court to answer an indictment: Bail is reset. Time and date of case is placed on the court docket, this is called an arraignment. At the petite jury where the case was presented next the jury got to hear evidence and makes their decision based off of the evidence. Some people are selected and witness in the court. If witness are not there they may be subpoenaed to court. The Prosecution (brings the case) and the Defense/dant (one who the case is brought against) present their cases to the petit jury. The judge soon began called the witness up one at a time to testify. When witness testify they have to swear not to Perjury which means not to lie under oath. Their where a few witness that went up and spoke mostly all farmer that witness that scene some found her guilty and other found her not guilty, and the defender that helped the farmer lady did all he could to help her. Finally after everyone was done talking the Jury Reaches Verdict. Now it was time and it jury could not decide whether she should be guilty or not so it became a hung Jury – jury cannot agree and re-trial is required. She will have to go back and re-trial to see whether she is Acquitted or convicted.

Nursery Rhyme: Three blind mice

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.

See how they run. See how they run.

They all ran after the farmer's wife

Who cut off their tails with a carving knife

Did you ever see such a sight in your life

As three blind mice?

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