How To Be Fit

By: Deana Elhit

How To Get Started!

First you can take a walk each morning (about a mile). You can also bike if the weather is nice. If their is bad weather , and you can't go outside, and it's a excuse. There are no exuces, you can get a treadmill, or a exerice bike. Or you can do a 10 minute exerice with Tony Horton, to give you amazing results! Just 10 minutes a day and you will be fit.


Eating The Right Food

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Did You Know...

Did you know, that eating fruits can help save your life.People are living today really because of eating fruits. For example: oranges help your immune system be stronger. Fresh fruits have a decent fiber contact which means it help be full faster with less sugar. Fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber and help protect you from chronic diseases. Also if a woman was pregnant and she ate a apple everyday, the child would have less asthma. A study have been shown that eating fruits diet is low on fat,, helps to prevent several cancers.

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