Pattie Panthers: Next Step Ready

November / December 2020

School Counseling Info and Resources


Fifth Grade Middle School Specialty Program Application opens Nov. 1 through Jan 31st

Hampton Middle School IB Program Info Nights: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 &

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 both at 6:30 p.m.

Graham Park Middle School Math & Science Program Info Night: Thursday, January 7, 2021

Snowdate: Thursday, January 14, 20216 p.m.

Kindergarten return to school: November 10th

First grade return to school: December 1st

A Message from Mrs. Modeszto & Mr. Burton

Hello Pattie Family!

Happy Second Quarter! Have you reflected on the first quarter, and how you each persevered in the midst of challenging circumstances? Reflecting means taking the time to review and recognize what's been happening over the course of your day, month, or year, and think about what worked well, and what might we want to improve. Reflecting contributes to positive attitudes and staying on track of personal goals. Take a few minutes to reflect. You will see over the last several weeks, you have done so much. You've learned new academic skills and sharpened old ones; managed schedules; asked for help; handled strong emotions; and solved technology issues. And you're still doing it! Every. Single. One of you! And we are proud of you! Please continue to be patient and kind with yourselves, and with others. If any student would like to check-in with us on zoom, please email and we would be happy to schedule a meeting. We are here! We miss you! And we can't wait to see you in person!!

Until then,

Happy Holidays!

Stay positive, stay healthy, stay six-feel apart!

And know that you are loved!!

Karen Modeszto (Grades K, 2, & 4)

Joe Burton (Grades 1, 3, & 5)


  • Resources in this newsletter:
  • Tips Handling Separation Anxiety & Returning to School
  • Talking to Your Child About Election Results
  • Practicing Thankfulness & Gratitude
  • Covid-19 Greater Prince William Community Resources
  • Crisis Services & Emergency Support
Tips Handling Separation Anxiety & Returning to School

Students are facing many changes as they return to school amid COVID-19. The Children's Health Institution provides ways to help.

Talking to your Child About Election Results

As election day passes, children may have questions about the election process or may feel anxious about the outcome. Dr. Catherine Scharlau, child psychologist from Allina Health in Minnesota, provides these helpful tips:

1. Teach them about how government works. Now is a great time to talk about our system of checks and balances. Let them know that broad decisions or changes are made by a team of people, not just the president.

2. Calm fears. Maturity levels vary. But generally, for young children under 10 focus on maintaining their sense of security. If your child is concerned or anxious about the election results, reassure them that regardless of the results they are safe at home. And they should come to you if they feel bullied.

3. Be honest. If you don’t know an answer to a question, it's okay to say you don't have all the answers right now. But let your child know you can work together to find them later.

4. Reiterate your values. Whether your candidate won or lost, parents should reinforce the values you want your children to have, such as unity or respect for people's differences and opinions. Kids often share the values their parents express.

5. Be kind. Let them know there are wins and losses in life. Don't make fun of those who supported the losing candidate and don't be unkind to those who won. We all have things to learn from one another.

Happy Thanksgiving Doesn’t Just Mean a Holiday Feast

Practicing Thankfulness and Gratitude have health benefits!

Improves sleep, physical and mental health;, increase self-esteem, and decreases stress.

Think of 3 things you are thankful for. Things that you might take for granted: A warm bed, shelter, a hot bath, people. Sit with those feelings of thankfulness. It's amazing what you notice when you focus on thankfulness.

Start a gratitude journal. Or commitment to a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge. Write down good things that happen each day, no matter how small. A smile, doing a favor, sunshine warming your face.

Pause amidst of a challenging situation. Something not going your way? Stop and take the opportunity to see what you can learn from it; discover gratitude for this new perspective. Or think of a challenging experience and how you overcame it.

Express gratitude to others. Write a thank you letter to someone, or tell someone why you appreciate them.

Covid19 Resources

For health information or hardships incurred related to Covid-19 download the information below provided by Greater Prince William Health District.
Mental Health Support.

If a student is in need of emotional support during this time, please feel free to send an e-mail to A school mental health or health professional will answer and offer virtual support to students to the best of their ability. This e-mail is not to be used for emergency situations as it will not be monitored 24 hours a day. If a student is ever in an emergency situation he/she is encouraged to call 911 or utilize one of the resources listed below.

Crisis Services & Emergency Support


1.800.SUICIDE (24-hour hotline) 1.800.784.2433

Crisis Text Hotline (24-hour hotline) 741741

PWC Child Protective Services Hotline (Elderly & Child Abuse)

  • During business hours (Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.), call the Department of Social Services at 703-792-4200.
  • After business hours (4 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and on the weekends, call the Prince William County Police non-emergency number at 703-792-6500; or the Virginia State Hotline at 1-800-552-7096.
Action in Community Through Service (ACTS)

ACTS is a local organization helping with Crisis Services (Violence and Assault; Loss and Support) and Human Services (Food; Housing; Utility Bills)

Community Service Board (CSB)

CSB provides mental health, developmental disability, early intervention, substance abuse, and emergency services for residents of Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park.

Meet Mr. Burton

I am in my 8th year at Pattie as a School counselor. I have 2 Masters degrees. Psychology counseling and school counseling. I am married to a wonderful teacher named Alina. I am a proud foster parent of 2 boys both under 1 years old. I love sports and outdoor activities. I believe every child deserves a good education and I feel it is our job as counselors to help them any way we can. I am excited for this year and learning together

Meet Mrs. Modeszto

Hello, Pattie Panthers! I am Mrs. Modeszto, and I have the best job in the world! Before becoming a school counselor, I was a full-time mom; an Army spouse; and before that, a teacher. I earned my bachelors degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology from Seton Hall University and my masters in School Counseling from Liberty University. This is my 7th year at Pattie. I am here everyday, well except for Tuesdays, when I am at Tyler ES. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

I am here for you!

And remember, You are loved!