Sammy Davis J.R.

By, Brandon Christensen

Paragraph 1

Sammy Davis J.R. was born on December 8, 1925.

Sammy Davis had four kids: Jeff Davis, Tracey Davis, Mark Davis, and Manny Davis. And Sammy Davis could do it all in the entertainment business, he could dance, sing, and he could act on stage and screen. In 1960, Davis performed in his very first rat pack film, "oceans 11." But only 10 years earlier Davis very nearly almost died in a car accident.

And 15 years before that Sammy Davis was sent off to go battle in World War Two. And luckily he came back from the war alive while over 60 million died.

Paragraph 2

Sammy Davis J.R. was a very big part of the civil rights movement. And guess who else was... Martin Luther King. So obviously, Martin Luther King and Sammy Davis J.R. meet up somewhere. And at some points, they even worked together.

And Davis had very many famous songs. But his most famous was the song was " The Candy Man" Another one of his better songs is "I gotta be me"

And as I said Sammy Davis was a great actor on Broadway. But at one point he took a break on being in films on Broadway. But he returned to the stage in 1964's Golden Bay.

And in 1956, he starred in his most famous film "Mr. Wonderland."

Paragraph 3

If you know about Sammy Davis JR you would know that he was a very big smoker.

And as we all should know is that smoking is very very bad for you. And it could possibly kill you. And that's what it did to Sammy Davis J.R. Davis died on May 16 1990 from cancer, in Beverly Hills, California.

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