by: juliana c

Early life

Dahl was born September 13,1916 in South Wales, United KIngdom. He grew up as a normal child with a lot of siblings. The education he got was from Repton public school he graduated from there in 1929. Short after that he accepted a positon in Shell oli company in London.

Later life

After he worked for shell for a little, he decided to learn to fly planes for the air force in 1939. While doing this he suffered a big head injury. After he was done with the air force in 1943 he published his first book, called the grimlims. Still working on his writing career in `1951 he met his future wife Patricia Neal and in 1953 they married. In between 1955-1965 he had five kids, but sadly one passes away. During this time period he also wrote many more books including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant peach. Over the course of life Dahl was written over 50 books and short stories, some of these will be famous forever. He sadly passed away November 23,1990 in Oxford, United KIngdom. Ever since 2006 there has been a Roald Dahl day celebrated.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I really enjoyed this story written by him. I feel in this writing he always has a way to keep the reader interested and make them want to keep reading. In this book and group of kids get a gold thing in their candy bar and get to go and look at this amazing chocolate factory. But during their visit,a few complications happen. Read it to find out. I absolutley reccommend it.

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