4HA Weekly News

4th April 2014

Dear parents

We have had an excellent first week back at school after Spring Break. It really feels like the children have come back feeling refreshed, positive, and ready to work! We have a lot to fit into the coming weeks, and I am sure it will be tiring, but rewarding and enjoyable. Thank you to the parents who were able to meet with Ms. Moon on Friday, to talk about the 4th grade play. She is now preparing some information to send to all parents, and she is looking forward to working with you and your children very much.

Remember that this week we will have parent-teacher conferences, on Thursday (10th) and Friday (11th). Therefore, there will be no school for ES students on Friday. I am really looking forward to meeting with you, and discussing your wonderful children! Please return the form, confirming that you can come at the time I sent, if you have not already returned it.

Some photos of our Pizza Box Ovens!

Our Studies

Language Arts

Last week, we reviewed different types of nouns, verbs and adjectives. We also practiced using capital letters accurately. It was clear that all of the students understand the concepts we discussed, but the practice was very helpful to them. In writing, the children wrote independent stories about characters taking part in a play or performance. We had discussions about settings, characters and plots before the children began writing. They then wrote independently, and most are almost finished. We will finish these stories next week.

Next week, we will study punctuation, including commas, apostrophes and speech/quotation marks. The aim is to develop the students' understanding of punctuation, and to help them to write and edit their work more accurately and effectively. We will also have a special library lesson with Ms. Kersting. She will give a presentation about Rosemary Wells, a famous author who will visit SFS on 2nd May!


In math last week, we finished our unit about fractions. We did some review activities, and the children took their end of unit assessment. They did very well in this! We began our next unit, which focuses on decimals. The enrichment activities are available on our class Haiku resources page.

Next week, we will learn about hundredths and thousandths. We will relate decimals to our knowledge about fractions. In addition to this, the children will have the opportunity to complete some general review activities that will focus on computation and number skills.


Last week, we had a great science lesson, in which the children made s'mores using their very own pizza box ovens! We took the ovens outside, and watched as the sun was reflected and absorbed by our chosen materials. The temperature inside the ovens rose, and the chocolate melted perfectly. The children recorded their observations every five minutes, and then enjoyed eating their delicious treats!

Next week, we will begin discussing electricity as a form of energy. We will not have a great deal of time for this initial introduction, as we have a short week with lots of other activities happening!

The Play

Last week, we were fortunate to be able to meet with Ms. Moon twice. She took us backstage in the Lyso Center, to talk about design, and introduced the design project for our play. We also began reading through the script as a cast. It went really well, and all of the children concentrated very well, and read clearly. Rehearsals will now be held frequently, especially for the students with larger speaking roles. However, we will continue to work hard on our academic activities in class.

Curiosity Project

Now, all of the children have chosen their topics for their projects. We were lucky to have two research sessions with Ms. Kersting this week. This got us off to a great start, and reminded the children of some of the excellent resources and databases available to them. The children have a copy of the addresses, user names and passwords for these databases on their Google Drives. Please discuss the project with your child at home, and support him/her with any specific Curiosity Project homework he/she is given.

Prince George Award

It was another very close week for Prince George points this week. At the last moment, Jack managed to swoop in for victory, by working extra hard in math. Well done, Jack!

A special mention should also go to Tyler, who tried extremely hard, and was SO close!