8th Grade Badger Bulletin

October 17th

General School Information

Math Lab: Math lab is up and running. It is held in the library and students can attend to receive support while completing any work after school until 4:15. Late buses do run that day as well.

October 19th: This Wednesday is pajama day! Students can pay a dollar in resource time to obtain a ticket that allows them to wear pajamas to school on Wednesday. ENJOY! The money raised will be utilized to support the October 28th Halloween event.

Next Week Health: The unit health test will be around November 4th. Since many students in our program take the test in three parts, the link for part 1, which will be given early next week, is below. The second part will be given late next week, and the last part will be given when the class takes the entire test. Thank you for taking time to study with your child!

October 28th: Look for more information coming to you regarding a costume competition!


Lawson: Monday will be spent working on rewriting equations to solve for one variable. This will be done as a whole class, partners, and then individually. Tuesday will be review for the TEST ON WEDNESDAY. Students should come with any questions they have from completing the study guide on their own. The study guide was given out on Friday, 10/14. The Chapter 1 Test is Wednesday 10/19.

Laufer: We are going to analyze the results of the chapter 1 test and start chapter 2. We will need graph paper many days in class. We will start chapter 2 by learning to tell if a figure is congruent to another.


2nd: Fluently divide multi-digit decimals by whole numbers.

5th: Multiply multi-digit whole numbers. Multiplication quiz on Tuesday.

8th: Finish chapter 1 by analyzing tests.


Mr. D: We will be having a quiz on the history of flight on Tuesday. Go to joinquizizz.com code:059499 for modified version.Starting the next unit which is aeronautics on Wednesday.

Mrs. O'Leary Miller: Science classes will be working on their aircraft powerpoint presentations this week. Projects will be presented to the class on Monday, Oct 24th.

Mrs. Swaney: classes will be working on their final presentations for the unit on all the different space vehicles (kite, glider, hovercraft, rocket, hot air balloon). Each team will have to present on one of their vehicles that they built in class and launched. We will start with classroom presentations of the finished products on Monday, October 24th.

Social Studies

Mr. Schalewski: The class will be taking a quiz on Wednesday. Study guide for vocab sent home last Friday.

Mrs. Miller: Retake for Friday's quiz on Wednesday.

Mrs. Paulson:


READ 180: We will be taking Workshop 4 test tomorrow. Power point link attached.

Miss Glassman/Mrs. Feider/ Mrs. Steinhaus: We will continue to read our book and look for the strongest evidence to support our claims when writing. They will also begin thinking about what makes for the universal refugee experience and making connections between their texts.

NOTE: If your child is ever missing an AoW (Feider's class): Google Kelly Gallagher article-of-the-week. There will be one/two words listed on SKyward to identify which article you need to print off.

Workshop 4

Students can use this link to prepare for Read 180 test.