David Opel's Dream Vacation

Mexico facts

  • Mexico is my dream vacation. It is the southernmost country in north america. I want to visit it to learn Spanish. It is relatively nearby, so I can visit relatively often.
  • Mexican children receive gifts on January 6 celebrating the arrival of the three wise men.
  • they don't celebrate Christmas.

Mexico facts(continued)

  • United Mexican states, or Estados Unicos Mexicanos, is the official name for Mexico.
  • Chocolate was introduced by Mexico.
  • The volcano rabbit, one of the rarest rabbits, is found by Mexican volcanoes.
  • Mexico has the most violent earthquakes and volcanoes, and is called the ring of fire.
  • Mexico is shrinking by 6 to 8 inches per year.
  • According to statistics, about 60% of the Mexican population is mestizo(Indian-spanish), 30% is Indian, 9% is Caucasian and 1% is other.
  • for one hour in 1913, Mexico had three presidents.
  • Pedro Lascurain was president of Mexico for 26 minutes, the shortest term record ever.


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Mexico is 818 miles away from Willis, and it will take me about 14 hours to get there. I will go with my grandmother and grandfather on my father's side, two of my cousins named Abigail and Hailey, my sister, my father, and my mother(I only have one boy cousin and he's in Ohio). I will go by car and stay a week.


We will stay at Hampton inn, which has free breakfast, free internet, and no Expedia booking or credit fees and a door between two rooms for four each, which I plan to book.


my Lodging will cost 220$ altogether per night, so 1540$, and we'll probably need 20$ per person, totaling into 160$. our breakfast is free, but assuming 50$ overall per meal, that leaves us at an extra 100$ off each day, or 700$. 818 miles at approx. 15 cents per mile means we're out about 125$ for travel. This totals into 3050$.


We will probably go to the museo Nacional de Antropologia(National museum of anthropology) and Palenque ruinas(ancient ruins). there Is so much to do at our vacation. this answers both of my last questions... We can take siestas.