Iguana Info

January 11-15

This Week:

Wow, what a fun and busy week learning about letter Ww and Polar animals! The Iguanas did such a good job on their polar projects, we learned so many new facts about each one. We made our very own polar animals for our class board, please check it out! In science with Mrs. Vaden, we learned about all the different types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic! We touched and felt all the different types of rocks and learned where they are found plus what they are used for. SO cool! In the classroom, we did some fun experiments with ice: melting with our hands using friction and trying to move the ice cubes with out touching them. We found out that blowing through straws worked the best. For math, we did a fun counting game with marshmallows and using tweezers for our fine motor!

What's Next:

Letter Nn and continue learning about Polar animals and their habitats! We will also learn about the number 10. We will learn about Martin Luther King and do some more fun science experiments!

Next week we will be building an ice castle and making real ice cream. Please send labeled gloves or mittens with your child by Wednesday!


School is closed on Monday, January 18 - MLK Day

Don't forget to send any extra container tops you have around the house! We will be using these for math projects.

Thank you for all of the fabulous Polar projects!! The Iguanas were so excited to share their facts and we learned a lot!

This is the last printed out version of Iguana news!