International Dot Day

September 15, 2019

Included below are lots of activity ideas and resources to use during Dot Day (or Week). If you decide to Celebrate Dot Day in your classroom, please let me know so I can stop by for the fun!
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Keep in mind that the only real guideline for Dot Day is that folks read The Dot and then express themselves in any way they are inspired to, whether that means creating a dot — building a dot gallery — collaborating on a dot gallery with teachers/parents — animating a dot — writing a story about being brave and making your mark — going on a dot photo safari to find dot shapes in our world — writing a dot song — doing a dot-inspired dance — putting on a live performance of The Dot, or more! How you celebrate Dot Day is up to you — and your friends. Just make a mark. . . and see where it takes you!
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Ideas from the Educator's Handbook

Twister :

Get several Twister games and have the whole class play at the same time. See who can be the last person standing.

Giant 3D Dots:

Divide the class into small groups of about four. Make large, white paper circles with a diameter of about a meter. Use a roll of art paper or tape two strips of paper together to make the circles large enough. You will need two circles for each 3D dot. Have each group design one of the circles. Take two of the dots and attach them. You can staple them or punch holes and sew them together with ribbon. Leave an opening at the top. Stuff them with newspaper, then close the top.

Goals, Interests, Pride:

Have students create their own Dot picture that includes some of the things they are proud of, such as their goals, their interests, and their career goal.

Light Painting Dots:

In a darkened room, draw with flashlights. Their motions are captured on a digital camera set to a slow shutter speed. This combines performance art and drawing to create colorful, bright dots!

Group Dot:

Cover a round table with butcher paper or craft paper. Allow students to work in pairs and small groups to add to the dot. This allows students to talk about working as a group as well as explore relationships between shapes and colors, and the wonder of in-between spaces. Make it a goal to fill the dot with color and see what happens as students negotiate use of space and relationships among shapes and colors within the dot.

Eraser Stamp Dots:

Have students use the erasers at the ends of pencils as stamps to create their own works of art. You can use ink pads or regular paint.

One Black Dot:

Make multiple sheets of paper with one black dot on each of them and tell the kids to fill in the blanks and see what they can create with one black dot.

Dot Rainbow:

Make a dot rainbow by assigning each student a color and having them decorate a circular object (such as a paper plate) any way they like as long as they use their color. Then hang them all up in the corresponding colors of the rainbow.

Coffee Filters:

Color on coffee filters with markers, then spritz them with water. Mat them and have a dot gallery

Augmented Reality:

Print off copies of the Dot Day Quiver Sheet. Students can create their dot however they like.

Download the Quiver App. Watch your drawing come to life!

Green Screen with iMovie

Apps/Programs/Websites for Dot Day


Fab@School Maker Studio

Animoto Blabberize

Doodle Buddy

Drawing Pad

Glow Paint

Google Drawing



Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Word – Autoshapes


Stationery Studio



Choice Board for Dot Day

More information about the apps/activities in the above choice board here

Want websites instead of apps? Check out this out!