Are you guys worried for Lineville? Guess what, don't be! Lineville is the best school in the world. These are reasons why you'll love Lineville!


At Lineville the hallways are somewhat different and somewhat the same. Some things that are different at lineville are, you don't walk in line with a teachers when walking to classes. You are also allowed to talk at a whisper in the blue zone. But in the red zone it is zero voice volume. Hallways are a big responsibility at Lineville.


Something that's new at Lineville is lockers. The locks may seem really hard, but trust me there not. The way you do the lock is right (stop at number) left (go past number 1 stop on it then) go right. In the lockers you put your backpack and maybe coat. You can go to your locker between every class even though you don't need anything in your locker after a few classes.



The routine at lineville is very different. Have you heard of Day1 Day2? Any guesses of what that is? Day1 Day2 is a routine that controls the specials you have and classes. This also means every other day it's different schedule.


So you have probably heard that at lineville you switch classes. All classes are at different times so I can't tell you times you get in-out of class. You have 1-9 classes in a day (including lunch and specials.) So as you see it looks/sounds hard at first but it helps to move in between classes.


There a lot of new things at gym. For instance changing. At Lineville you have to change for gym class which means you have to bring clothes and put them in your locker and wear them pretty much every class except for D.A.R.E and archery. D.A.R.E is a unit in gym that talks how to stay away from drugs. There is also archery and swimming at Lineville. So as you see there are many different things at Lineville.


Lineville lunch is very important for you to know. It isn't hard but it is different and somewhat confusing. At Lineville there is o'la cart, district, and of course cold lunch. At Lineville there are signs that say what is the menu for the week in district and commons(also known as o'la cart). I love lunch at Lineville and I bet you will too.


I hope this helped boost your confidence. Remember Lineville is a blast. Good luck!