By: Arleigh Soule

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that consists of rain and wind. Hurricanes form over warm bodies of water and can happen pretty much year round. They form when warm water heats the air, that makes the air less dense so it rises. Cold air rushes into to fill the space that was left by the raising molecules and the process continues forming a storm.

What damage can a hurricane cause?

Hurricanes cause strong winds, flooding, storm surge, and rip tide. Depending on the type of the hurricane the wind can blow from 74 mph to winds greater than 155 mph. A storm surge is the rising of the sea and a rip tide is a strong current caused by tidal flow in confined areas.

How can people stay safe with hurricanes expected?

Some ways that people can stay safe during a hurricane is make sure to go to the store before the hurricane starts and buy some extra flashlights, candles, and batteries. Learn evacuation routes and have an extra place to go if you need to, make sure to keep in touch with your family. Have a special emergency kit that includes a battery-powered radio, flashlights, a first-aid kit, blankets, clothing, food, and water. Having these special items can help you survive a hurricane.

How can you predict a hurricane?

Today, it is very easy for scientists, weather men, and meteorologists to predict if a hurricane is coming. Predicting a hurricane is easy you just need to have a tool called a telegraph, a telegraph is a system for transmitting messages from a distance along a wire, one creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection.

What's the difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning?

The difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning is that a hurricane watch happens when hurricane like conditions and winds 74 mph and above are expected within the next 36 hours. A hurricane warning happens when hurricane force winds are expected inland, a hurricane warning is then issued towards the areas that are going to be affected.

What is another severe weather relative to hurricanes?

Another severe weather relative to hurricanes are tornadoes. Very much like hurricanes tornadoes have strong winds that can blow from 40 mph all the way up to 200 mph, in harsh times the wind can sometimes blow higher than 200 mph. Of course being two of the most famous severe weather cases, they both cause lots of damage.

Fun Facts About Hurricanes

  • A normal hurricane dumps 6 inches to a foot of rain across a region
  • The first time anyone flew into a hurricane was in 1943 in the middle of World War 2
  • Every second, a large hurricane releases the energy of 10 atomic bombs
  • Hurricanes can produce tornadoes
  • Slower moving hurricanes produce more rainfall and more damage compared to faster moving hurricanes