A Vacation to AFRICA!!!!!

Do you want to come?

Mount Kilimanjaro

At mount Kilimanjaro you can climb to new heights and discover your abilities to have fun!! Mount Kilimanjaro is located in northeast Tanzania,and is the highest mountain in africa! It rises at two peaks, Kibo and Mawenzi. Coffee beans and plantains are grown on its lower southern slopes. Mount Kilimanjaro is a volcano but has'int erupted in the past 360,000 years!!! your never too old to scale this mountain because... whether you belive it or not an 87 year old has climbed this mountain.The most astonishing feat for this mountain though is climbing it in a wheelchair... one man did it twice!! And soo far 25,000 people have tried... Will you too?


Come to the Nile river for fun activities like boating or rafting!!! Make little sand castle as you stroll along the shores of the Nile. Watch in awe as native farmers do wonders of craftesmanship with the sacred water of the Nile.This river is the longest river in the world at a length of 4,160 miles long !! And is an important source of hydroelectric power.Oh but make shure never to go near those fiesty crocidiles. They are the biggest in Africa you know .and thiers a huge variety of other animals too.


Madagascar!!! what a wonderful place to stay at. Sit here and pet the lemurs or dine at the most luxuriouse resturants known to Madagascar. Located in the Indian ocean it is a little island full of fun.It is the fourth largest island in the world!! It is the only place in the world where you can pet lemurs you know. When you come you might just be able to test your luck to find yourself a beautiful sapphire. We also have some fun games for you to play like rugby or other sports. Or you could relax under the cooling shade of a coconut tree. So come to madagascar for a lifetime of fun and friends.


Come visit the red sea where you can relax in a perfect hotel. or scuba dive under the water. But if you wished you could also sail the fine waters with the finest sailing boats. Some cool things about the red sea are that, It is the warmest sea in the world. and has hundreds of different species of fish. It has some mysterious ship wreckages too. They call it the red sea because it looks red due to red algae that inhabits it. So come to the red sea for o world of awesome family activities.