By: Alexis Schroeder


The game of basketball was invented in 1891 when a man named James Naismith wanted to create an indoor sport (Logan 4). Having the sport indoors allows it to be played in the winter. The first ball used was a soccer ball, and the hoops were two peach baskets tacked to opposite walls (Logan 4). They were placed exactly ten feet above the ground. According to Bob Logan’s article in the World Book Encyclopedia, “He [James Naismith] invented the game when he was a physical-education teacher at the International YMCA Training School (now Springfield college) in Springfield, Massachusetts” (4). After the first game was played, Naismith came up with 13 basic rules to go along with the game.

James Naismith: Bibliography

James Naismith was born on November 6, 1861 in Ontario, Canada. When he was just nine, Naismith was put into an orphanage (US Embassy 1). Just thirty years after Naismith was born, he was accredited with the invention of basketball. In a journal, he wrote simple rules of the game. The basketball program he started at the University of Kansas followed the original 13 rules. He then died November 28, 1939 in Lawrence, Kansas.

Differences in Levels of Basketball

According to John R. Thompson Jr., " More high schools in the United States participate in basketball than in any other sport" (Thompson 150). There are three levels of basketball: high school, college, and Professional (NBA). There are many differences, but many things the same. For example, the baskets still hang at 10 feet, same foul lines and same basic rules as double dribble, carries, etc. One major difference is that a NBA player will get six fouls before fouling out while high school and college players only get five fouls. Also, the NBA plays many more games a season than the NCAA. One major difference between high school and college basketball would be that college ball plays with a shot clock while high school does not (Thompson 150-151).

Famous Players

Throughout the NBA and NCAA, there are many famous players. Two of the most known players among people may be LeBron James or Michael Jordan. LeBron James first played for the Miami Heat. Today he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers as a power forward. A power forward is basically like a shooting guard. Michael Jordan's career ended in 2003. He played for the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards as a shooting guard. Other than basketball, Michael Jordan is known for Nike's Air Jordan sneakers. "Michael Jordan ranked among the most exciting players in the NBA with his brilliant shooting and thrilling dunk shots" (Thompson 154b).

Title IX

According to Mary Jo Kane, "Before Title IX, less than 300,000 girls participated in high school sports, and today over 2.8 million girls participate in two or more high school sports" (Kane 88). Title IX is the right to have men and women offered the same amount of sports. For example, if there's four boy sports offered at a school, there must also be four girls sports offered. It also gives men and women the same rights to scholarship money for schools, and to be treated fairly in sport facilities. Before Title IX, less than 32,000 women participated in collegiate sports, and now more than 160,000 women participate in a sport (Kane 88).

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