2nd Reading and Writing Planning

Sept. 19-23 and Sept. 26-30


2.10 Literary Nonfiction-make inferences and draw conclusions about the varied structural patterns and features of literary nonfiction and provide text evidence from text to support their understanding (italicized words)

A-distinguish between fiction and nonfiction.

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  • Punctuation 2.22 C (ii) apostrophes and contractions

Spanish 2.22 E-identify, read, and write abbreviations. (Srta., Dr.)

  • Conventions 2.21 A (iii) Adjectives (descriptive and articles-a, an, the)
Spanish 2.21 A (iii) adjectives (descriptice: dorado, rectangular; limiting: este, ese, aquel)

Process-2.17 A, B plan and develop draft (Spanish same)

Genre-2.18 A Write brief stories that include a beginning, middle, end (Spanish and English same)

Social Studies

11 (C) Describe how governments tax citizens to pay for services.

12 (A) Name current public officials, including mayor, governor, and president.

12 (C) Compare the roles of public officials, including mayor, governor, and president.