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Despite the high level of average film budgets, film production shows lower overall investment volum e than TV production principally due to a download free tamil songs sig download free tamil songsnificantly tamil radio online songs smaller production volume. During the period from1 January 2006 to1 July 2009 more than 1,200 feature film titles were produced in Russia,34 including 339 films and 374 TV productions. The market leader in terms of production volume of full-length films is the documentary sector with 510 films produced. The peak in production for feature TV and motion picture films was reached in 2008 (158 and 106 titles, respectively).

The forecast for the production of feature films in 2009 shows a slump: 40 motion pictures and 36 TV films were produced during the first 6 months, and if these trends prevail it may result in the production tamil radio online songs of about 80 and 70 titles, respectively, over the full year. It is significant that, for the first time since 2006, the number of motion picture films exceeded the number of TV films: The TV industry has proved to be more susceptible to the effects of the economic crisis due to a shorter production cycle and higher sensitivity of TV-channels to order placement and product launch effects.

The leading segment in terms of the volume of investment in Russia is still the market for TV series and TV films. This is linked primarily to the growth of production costs in that sector as well as to growth in the number of TV films produced over 2007–2008. The total volume of investment over the period between1 January 2006 and1 July 2009 totaled about RUB 32 billion.

Most of this investment went into the shorter series production segment. The first six months of 2009 saw no fall-back in the airing of first-run TV series download free tamil songs on federal TV-channels; all in all, 1,482 episodes were aired over the period, comprising more than 60% of the total volume of premiere TV series from 2007–2008. However, these positive dynamics do not mean one can speak with confidence episodes of growth in the production of TV series, since TV-channels have quite a large library of films that have never been aired before.

Two companies hold the lead in the production of premiere series from 2006 to1 July 2009– Lean-M and Media. Each of them captures about 14% of the airtime given to premiere series on the federal channels. The5 leading companies in the production of TV series for the federal TV-channels together hold 58% of the market. The Star Media, Lean-M and A media companies produce works tamil radio online songs of various genres and have the largest number of clients. TV-Alliance Media Group specializes in producing sitcoms, while the TV Creative Association specializes in producing longer TV series (more than 26 episodes). High market concentration can be observed in the segment producing longer TV series for the federal TV-channels.

Seven leading companies control 90% of the segment. Moreover, there are only four companies on the Russian market capable of producing longer TV series broadcast an episode a day. These are A media, the Creative TV Association, Russian World Studios and Lean-M. The number of premiere TV films produced for the federal TV-channels since 2006 exceeds 450. The largest clients for TV films are the tamil radio online songs Central Partnership, Star Media, NTV TV Company, the All-Russian State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company companies, as well as the Government of Moscow. According to data from 2008, Russia counted more than 70 companies producing TV films, the largest among them being Star Media, MosTeleFilm and Russo.

In proportion with growing production costs, TV-channels increase or decrease purchase prices for TV works. For example, while the maximum purchase price of a single episode of a TV series on Channel One Russia tamil radio online songs and Russia TV Channel reached USD 700,000 in 2008, its maximum in 2009 never exceeded USD 400,000; the level of purchase prices on other federal TV-channels fluctuated between USD 100,000 and 200,000.

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