Goretti Gazette

Third Grade Newsletter

Let's Keep Christ in Christmas

.Christmas Day Prayer

Lord God,

Today may we not only unwrap presents,
But may we discover more of your love.
Today may we not only eat on festive food,
But may we feast on your faith.
Today may we not only cherish happy times with family and friends,
But may we invite you into our lives.
Today may we not only sing carols that celebrate your birth,
But may we dwell upon the resurrected Christ alive this moment.
Living Lord, we long to discover your love, feast on your truth, invite you into our lives and thank you for your sacrifice. Amidst the presents, food and family we long to celebrate Christmas with you.


Read more: http://www.living-prayers.com/events/christmas_prayers.html#ixzz3uscC9jWG

Advent Acrostic Poems

Read these and keep Christ in Christmas.

Other Suggestions:

Display, look at, and pray at the Nativity set

Listen to music that honors Christ's Birthday

Display art and Christmas cards that have nativity images

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