Banned in America (Censorship)

By: Bre Sharpe & Caleb Garr


examining books, movies, etc., and deleting/suppressing the "bad" parts.

Past Censorship

In ancient societies, for example, China censorship was considered a genuine instrument for regulating the moral and political life of the population. In Rome as in the ancient Greek societies, the ideal of good power included shaping the character of the people. Later censorship was beginning as a moral job. In China, the first censorship law was introduced.

Present Censorship

Modern day censorship is generally centered on social media, TV, music and religion. Censorship happens daily on TV for example, when a news program shows something graphic like a shooting they censor the Graphic Material, to prevent young viewers or people who prefer not to see it. Music shows a great amount by removing or bleeping out inappropriate material, and by creating clean versions.

Future Censorship

In the future, censorship will hopefully bleep out all curse words not just the really bad ones. Maybe in the future we will not even need censorship because the writers of books and TV shows will not even use bad language. This will cleanse kids’ minds and kids will not be as exposed to cussing as they are today.

1.) What is censorship and what role has it played in the history of the Puritan and Protestant church?

1.) Examining thing and then suppressing the parts that are not wanted or accepted, the puritans believed that if you didn’t believe what they believed then they kicked you out of the church, unlike Protestants they were far less strict

2.) Should lawmakers have a right to censor material that they feel is inappropriate? Why or why not?

Law makers should only be able to censor material that’s not appropriate for certain people

3.) What books have been banned in recent years and why were they banned?

I Am Jazz, by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings

Reasons: Inaccurate, sex education, religious viewpoint, and unsuited for age group.

Habibi, by Craig Thompson

Reasons: Nudity, and unsuited for age group.

4.) Should censorship play a part in literature and music today? Explain your answer.

To a certain extent to some people like the kind of music

5.) In your opinion what guidelines should be used to censor music, television, and technology (i.e. the internet, Facebook, etc.).

in my opinion music and technology should really be the only things to be censored.

Interview with Mrs. Winstead

Interview an adult to find out their opinion about censorship on music and television and explain their viewpoint.

The first amendment gives us the right to free speech. This includes music, television, books, etc. So I believe we should have the right to write, read and publish anything. However, I think it is absolutely necessary for us to ‘self-censor’ meaning that we should all be able to decide what we want to read, listen to and create. It should not be decided for us.

Should lawmakers have a right to censor material that they feel is inappropriate? Why or why not?

We have the right to decide for ourselves what materials we choose to read and listen to. I do however think that ‘lawmakers’ can decide what is appropriate for groups of people based on their age. Video games for example have a rating system that in a way is ‘censoring’ what is and is not appropriate for children, teens and adults.

In your opinion what guidelines should be used to censor music, television, and technology (i.e. the internet, Facebook,

We all have the right to choose what we want to view and watch on the Internet. We need to make informed choices that are best for us as an individual.

Interview with Jared Harter

Jared Harter, says “some things should be censored, because they might be too ‘inappropriate’ for certain age groups”, and that lawmakers SHOULD have the ability to censor material they find inappropriate.

8.) What genre (i.e. books, internet, music, games, etc.) has the most banned material in today’s society and in your opinion why is that the case?

Books, because there are many books coming out about politics, and sexuality, and religion and people are afraid of offending someone.

9.) Has censorship changed in the past 100 years and what has changed about it?

I think it has, because they didn’t have all this technology and the technology has really changed censorship.

10.) What genre (i.e. books, internet, music, games, etc.) do you feel SHOULD have parental controls or censorship placed on it and why.

i think games, because a lot of teens, and kids are playing video games all of the time and some of the games have language, and scenes, that maybe their parents don’t know about because they think games are for kids. Some games have violence, and I believe that these games can lead kids to violence and to do something they probably wouldn’t if they weren’t so absorbed in these games.
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