Project Apparel

Fundraising In Style

Who Is Project Apparel?

Project Apparel is an edgy and stylish new clothing company that is focused on using fashion and style to engage individuals and groups who are inspired by the world around them and motivated to help others.

You and Project Apparel

Project Apparel provides causes with a pre-made clothing store and e-commerce solution. This store will look and integrate perfectly with your existing website and/or Facebook page. Once our pre-made store is uploaded, you can share it with your followers and supporters. Project Apparel keeps track of all sales, production of apparel, and ships directly to the customer; taking away all the headaches of apparel fundraising. Half the profit from the products sold on your store will be given to your cause; at the end of the month we write and send you a check. The best part? There is no cost to start or run a Project Apparel store. Risk Free! Get your store up and running quickly and at no cost to you.

Who Do We Help?

Project Apparel helps any individual or group looking to raise money for a great cause. Whether you are a church, non-profit, charity, or school club looking to raise funds. Project Apparel is here to help.

It's Turnkey!

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  • No Fees! There are no setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden charges
  • Quick setup! Have your store up and running in as little as five minutes
  • High Profit! You receive 50% of the profit from all sales
  • No Limits! Keep your Project Apparel store for one day or one year - You have control
  • Instant updates! Any new products added by Project Apparel instantly appear in your online store
  • Multiple Locations! Place your store in multiple websites and Facebook pages at no extra cost
  • No hassle! Project Apparel takes care of creating the store, taking orders, payment processing, and delivery to customers. You promote through your social network and receive a check at the end of the month

Our Products and Store!

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Above are the apparel images offered in our store. To view a sample of our store, click here: OUR STORE!!!