Point of View & Perspective

Identities and Relationships


You will learn about point of view and perspective. You need to be able to analyze how an author develops and contrasts the points of view of different characters or narrators in a text.

So what are the different point of views?

Look at the anchor chart... As we go through the slide let's fill it in for our use during the unit.

What is the point of view of "Westing Game"?

Together we will determine which point of view is used in "Westing Game" We will discuss what the perspectives of the characters are by analyzing the traits of these characters.


  • Write the names of characters on the head
  • making inferences and using the physical descriptions found in the novel characterize the head
  • Write the traits of the characters inside the head.
  • What is their outward perspective?

Try it out!

  • Divide into groups
  • You will be rotating through different pictures and filling out one section on perspective or point of view.
  • Each person in your group will write.
  • There are 5 pictures
Rotation 1: Perspective: what are all of the possible perspectives in the picture?

Rotation 2: Using one of the perspectives from the previous group to write a 1st person narrative.

Rotation 3: Write about the picture using 3rd person limited

Rotation 4: Write about the picture using 3rd person omniscient

Rotation 5: Write about the picture using 3rd person objective

After the last rotation groups should carousel back through to see the completed work.

Refer to the anchor chart as needed!