Seth and the Addik

In the addic it is very playful. There is enough toys in there to play with a different toy each day for a year. At one point there was a chicken which was cool. The addic also had too beds one for me and one for Kendra.
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My Name is Stan

This is my house. This house has many rooms in it. There lots of secret passage ways and twist and turns. At the front of the house is a gate. But not just any gate it has a secret spell on it. The spell not allow anything on to the property unless they are signed in to a book. On the outside of this house you can see a room that looks connected to the addict but it is not. You have to go threw a secret passage way to enter the room. Inside the house there is a secret passage way for little magical creatures to clean up.

Kendra and the backyard

My name is Kendra and the backyard of this house is amazing. There is an amazing garden that has any flower you can think of. There's daisy's, Violet's,and Roses etc. The backyard also has a big pool. The pool has a diving board which means the pool is very deep. One time Hugo the giant flung Seth into the pool about 100 yards away!