- How are we going there?

-where we going sleep?

-what for places we go?

-Where we eat at the evening?

How are we going there?

We first take the bus to the port of France in Calais, then we go by train to Dover. In dover we go by bus to Manchester.

Where we go sleep?

We are going sleep in the Stay Inn Hostel, in Manchester.

What for places we go?

The Londen Eye.

Old Trafford stadium.

Museum of Science.


Morning: we are going to England.

Afternoon: we go to Manchester, then we are going to sleep

Evening: watching a movie, we buy stuff to make food, in the hotel.


Morning: Breakfast.

Afternoon: we are going to londen, the london eye. We go eat chips.

Evening: We are going eat in a restaurant, in Manchester.


Morning: Breakfast.

Afternoon: We are going swimming in the Aquatics centre.

Evening: We are going to the Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester.


Morning: Breakfast.

Afternoon: We are going to the museum of science.

Evening: Party, in the garden.


Morning: Breakfast, to pack our stuff.

Afternoon: We are going back to Holland.

Evening: We are in Holland.