Technology Rules For Parents

By: Jasmeen Brar

Rule # 1

You should not be texting or talking on the phone while your driving. You could hurt yourself or someone else. This could lead to car accidents & you could get admitted in the hospital for a VERY long time.

Rule # 2

Make sure to have your every social website account private so no one can look at what you are up to unless you know who they are & you trust them.

Rule # 3

Do not express your feelings on social networks because you could hurt some ones feelings if you are really mad at them ( be careful of what you type).

Rule # 4

DO NOT share your personal information on social websites because when other people see your information, they could get to know where you live.

Rule # 5

Be careful of what you post, because in the future you might regret posting that picture.

Rule # 6

Don't use illegal websites because if you do, you could get involved with the Police!

Rule # 7

Don't make a social network account unless you are going to use it. If it is left dormant, you could be targeted and be hacked.

Rule # 8

Never share your password to anyone even if you know them because they could block you out of your account & if you forget or someone knows your password, change it IMMEDIATELY!

Rule # 9

Do not call or text anyone you don't know because they might try to get information of where you live.........

Rule # 10

Always have a software protecting your computer so it is always safe.
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