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How can Email Marketing Improve 40% Year-over-Year Growth for Your Business?

Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective online marketing tools for business growth and driving sales. But you don’t have to take my word for it. CMO Nate Johnson recently claimed in a webinar that email marketing Australia achieved 40% year-over-year growth for the company.

Email Marketing is Not Dead!

The inspiring story from Nate Johnson is one thing, but from some marketers, there are rising concerns if email marketing is as effective as in past. One of their prime concerns is widespread use of mobile devices which open multiple ways for marketers to reach the target audience. With mobile devices into the game, marketers are now using messaging, social media, apps, and even games along with traditional email marketing to reach customers.

According to, more than 75% of the 900 million Gmail users now access their email accounts on mobile devices.

Even though there is a major shift how customers receive information with the inclusion of smart devices in the mix, but recent statistics show that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools for business growth. The only thing that matters and makes a real difference is if you have enough creative tricks under your sleeves.

• According to, email is still the strongest marketing channel with 3800% ROI.

• 44% of users made, at least, one purchase in a year because of a promotional email.

• There are almost four and a half billion email accounts in 2016.

• With 25.1% of Black Friday sales originating from email marketing, it was the biggest driver of revenue.

• More than 60% of the consumers want promotional emails every week.

40% Year-over-Year Growth with Email Marketing Australia! Is it Really Possible?

According to CMO Nate Johnson and recent statistics about the effectiveness of email marketing, yes it is perfectly possible. So how does it work for and its tremendous growth?

During the recent webinar, Nate claimed that email marketing is still a marketing powerhouse in the age of social media. With its broad landscape, was able to use email marketing effectively to tap into the vast impact of email marketing.

Email is still the most powerful marketing channel for for following reasons.

• It allowed the company to reach into user’s personal space beyond the constraints of their app and website.

• As it is a very controlled experience, it allows a smart team to come up with more creative ways to implement and extend the reach of a campaign. For example, you decide when to send, the use of personalization and what CTA to use.

• The ability to measure it makes it unique and puts it on top of other marketing channels. If it is click through rate, open rate, or delivery rates, you can keep track of everything. The reports can be used during A/B test which allows marketers to learn their audience and improve.

According to Nate, as it is amazingly measurable, his smart team of marketers measured every campaign, learned about the target audiences, refined their campaigns and evolved with their experience. This enables them to get the incredible results in the form of 40% annual growth.

Personalization! The Game Changer!

The one feature that was overemphasized during the webinar was the importance of personalization. Especially with the more marketing channels into the competition, personalization is the only feature that is keeping email marketing ahead. And with an ability to track and record everything, marketers can crack the code to use personalization to their advantage.

• Marketers can get 30% lift across the entire industry with a personalized subject line.

• In travel, retail, and few other high engagement industries, the lift is up t 40%.

But is personalization that easy? The simple answer is, no it is not. You have to spend a tremendous amount of time to learn about the audience through reporting, data analysis, the information users are seeking, what are their expectations, what they are doing, what are the traffic patterns to the website and more. Once you have your hand dirty, the next step is to figure out a way to present the actions into an email that makes sense.

This is what the users expect in this age of big data. They expect to be treated as an individual instead of a customer market. They are looking for information that is specifically tuned according to their concerns and interests. This is why you as a business need smart data engineers and front end developers.

Donna J has over 6 years of experience in digital marketing, particularly in the area of Australia email marketing . Donna has worked with hundreds of clients including Fortune 500 firms. She has helped them in the areas of email marketing in Australia, marketing automation, landing page optimization and online sale funnel optimization. Donna J. is a member of the email marketing council and the direct marketing association. In her free time, she volunteers at her local autism centre and spends her time teaching the kids