STEM at its BEST!

with Mr. Horak (Friday December 11th, 2015)

Compound Machine Presentations are a SMASH!

Today our little engineers presented their amazing creations to the class.

Using everyday household items (rubber bands, tape, screw, wheel, yarn, plastic spoons, tin cans, plastic bottles, etc.) they were to create a simple compound machine using 2 or more simple machines (pulley, lever, wedge, wheels, inclined planes, and screws).

The young scholars were to summarize their experiences with the steps taken to make their machines, problems encountered, and solutions to these problems. Finally, they were to name their invention and explain why they named it that name. Students turned in their first blue print, second blue print, summary, and sources (research) today as well. Students were encouraged to use recycled or household items in their compound project. There was no need to spend money on this project.

Mrs. Newton's 5th Graders Shine!

Soon To Come!

I will be highlighting some of the student's exceptional compound machines! Highlighted students will share some of their AHA moments when creating their machines. You may even get a sneak peak into some highly classified blue prints!