Tacoma Online Secondary Newsletter

October 17, 2021

Understanding Tacoma Online & Edgenuity Grading

Understanding Edgenuity progress reports and how grades work is a little different at Tacoma Online, and also different than last year when TOL was a program and not yet a school. Here's some helpful points to keep in mind.

Teachers determine final grades, not software

While we've worked to make Edgenuity show meaningful progress grades, ultimately teachers will assess all work and determine final grades. You can contact individual teachers for specific information or questions related to final grading.

Target Completion and Pacing

Pacing is an important concept in Edgenuity courses. It lets families, students, and teachers know if a student is on track to complete 100% of the class. This year, our teachers customized courses and built them with the expectation that students will complete 100% of each course. On your student dashboard or family progress report, there are pacing "bars" that indicate if you're on pace on not, BLUE means on pace. Strive to stay on pace in all of your courses.

Edgenuity weekly progress reports

We set student accounts to email families a weekly progress report for your student. If you're not receiving these progress reports, please email us and let us know so we can update your contact information.

Click HERE for a handy one-pager on how to understand these progress reports so you can keep track of your student's success!

Free Home Internet

If you’re interested in free home internet, a new resource is available. In partnership with Comcast, the Tacoma Urban League is sponsoring free, high-speed internet for families who qualify. For more information, parents or students can reach out to the Tacoma Urban League directly at lexis@thetacomaurbanleague.org.

Tacoma Schools is hiring!

Tacoma Public Schools is hiring health clerks and other hourly school support positions around the district. When you work for Tacoma Public Schools, you can count on making a difference in the lives of Tacoma’s kids.

Find out more and apply at http://www.tacomaschools.org/jobs.

A Message from our School Nurse

TOL Families,

Just a reminder; By law, all students enrolled in P/K thru 12 must be complete in immunizations. This has nothing to do with TOL or studying from home; It’s the law, period. If Immunizing your child is against your personal or religious beliefs, please reach out to me for an exemption form. lsnyder@tacoma.k12.wa.us

I have been updating Medical Alerts and many of you have heard from me regarding this. If your child has a medical condition, updating the information in your child’s profile will make any transition back to in-person learning, that much easier. We do not want anything to be missed.

Nurse Linda

Tacoma Online Senior News

We held our first ever senior night on Tuesday, 10/12. In case you missed it, we've put together the important details in our first Senior Newsletter. Seniors and Senior families, please click HERE for important information about graduation, senior appointments with counselors, cap and gown ordering and more!

High School Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship Club

Hello and welcome to the TPS Finance and Entrepreneurship Club!

This club is a great resource and opportunity for students looking to be financially successful and create contacts: this is a District-wide Leadership Club with professional contacts to access and learn about the following:

• Access to many job opportunities throughout the school year!!
• How to buy your first house 2 years out of high school
• Financial Literacy and why it is so important!!!
• About Social Justice in Real estate and Equity in our community
• How to overcome obstacles to acquire wealth
• About opening your own business
• About giving back to your community

Monthly meetings where you can create contacts, network and find mentorship and support for your future!! Parents are welcomed to join the meetings, or be a part of our professional mentoring team

Our first Meeting is October 19th from 3:45-5pm

Click this HERE to sign up now:

For more information, contact Chris L. Sieg

Worksite Learning Coordinator Career & Technical Education Tacoma School District No. 10
Office/Cell: 253-571-1024

TOL Social Media - please follow us!

Click on each link to go to our channels where you can follow us. There's not much there yet, but we'll begin using these channels shortly!

Tacoma Online

Tacoma Online is a K-12 school that provides students an anywhere/anytime online school experience. Students engage in academic learning led by teachers, and in grades 3-12 through a platform called Edgenuity. While students generally participate in learning activities independently, they are provided multiple forms of support.