Biggest fire ever on the Carmel

Children playing with fire , caused flames in the forest.

It is suspected that children playing with fire next to the village of Daliat A Carmel had been

the cause of the biggest fire ever in Carmel mountain. The fire cough quickly the pine trees and spreed wide with the help of strong winds. Israel has requested help from many countries in the area such as Greece , Italy and Cyprus. A big tanker aircraft also arrived from the USA to help with the efforts to put down the fire.

After more then a week , the fire was put down.

The damage from the fire was very big. Many houses were destroyed in several villages . The biggest tragedy was that of the prison guards bus, that was cough on fire , while attempting to escape from the fire. In this tragedy , 40 guards died and another 4 police and fire man.

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מורשת אסון הכרמל