Schizo by: Nic Sheff

Migz Galkys

Book Cover

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Main Conflict

The main conflict of Schizo is that Miles is still recovering from schizophernic breakdown & is having to deal with his missing little brother, while also having to deal with his ex-crush returning into school.

My Character

I relate to the character Miles, because I know how it feels to be rejected... (by a person you like)

Asking the Author

1. What inspired you to write schizo?

2. What made you chose these characters with these characteristcs?

3. Why did you make Teddy (Miles' little brother) go missing?

4. Why did you make Miles have that condition?

5. How do you imagine your characters look like?


“It's like if the music is loud enough I won't be able to listen to my own thoughts."

I chose that because it's relatable to me. I listen to music quite a lot, so it speaks to me.

Why it's so powerful, because when you listen to music, it kind of speaks for you, describing your situation & nothing you can say, only agreeing to the words.


I would probably recommend this book to people who have felt rejected, back stabbed, because this book is all about it. I wouldn't really recommend it to people who don't understand illness..