Carlos Valdez

Job Description

The job entails maintaining bee colonies, keeping hives healthy and harvesting honey

Characteristics needed

  • Like the outdoors
  • Like the idea to farm
  • Calm

Education needed

  • Learn how to set up your hive the correct way, miss a few critical elements and your bees may be in for some trouble.
  • Discover what tools you need, and which will just waste your time and money.
  • Understand the difference between the different types of bees and why you need to know.
  • Uncover the one critical mistake you must avoid when installing a package of bees. This could literally be the difference between having a happy healthy hive, or having your bees fly away forever.
  • Learn the parts of a hive, and the necessary terminology.
  • Answers to questions you probably haven't even thought to ask.

Work Setting

: Beekeepers typically work in honey houses and workshops, and outside on farms and orchards. They must work in all types of weather, and will sometimes be stung by bees. Beekeepers must follow safety precautions and wear appropriate protective clothing in order to avoid injury to themselves or others when working with machinery, tools or hives.

Wages And Benefits

$60,750 per year

Similar Careers

Beekeeping is similar to what a farmer does

Final Thoughts

Without bees the worl would end