School and Other Good Things

By: Patrick B

I Love School

I love school. School is something that I can looked forward to every day that I have it. It is always good to try to be the best that you can in school. For me that means that sometimes I have to stay up late or wake up early for homework or practice. It is also really good for you to have a study time set out from all of your other activities for the day. I do that after I walk my dogs every day. This smore will be about myself and my relation with school i.e. OMS.

Favorite Classes

I know a lot of people do not feel the same way that I feel when it comes down to the favorite class of all time. Some people might say that their favorite class is the class they do the best in. Some other people might say that their favorite class is the class with the best teacher or the class has their best friend in it. I do not feel the same. I do not have a favorite class. All of my classes here at the Oregon Middle School (OMS) are amazing to me and I do well in all of them. I have a theory and this is how it goes. If the people who chose the things that the teacher are teaching you... it must be good for you. If the teachers do not have anything to teach you or will help you learn, than you are not at school. But all of the teachers have something to teach weather it be math, english, or music, it is all important if they are teaching you it.

Work or Study Habits

I believe that everyone, no matter what grade they are in should have good study habits. It is always good to set out a time or two just for doing the homework assigned or the studying for a test that you need to do. For me I get a fair amount of homework to a big amount of homework. Everyday when I get home from my amazing school, I first have to walk my dog and that takes around 30-45 minutes. Then for the rest of the day, I just try to work on all of the homework that I can do in that amount of time. But if there are delays in the way, like for me I have to set the table before I eat. But always be sure to help out the people that are important to you like you family for instance.