Geometry Project Instructions

Some information to get you started! Have fun.

Our next online assignment is to create a Geometry smore flyer!

Smores are online flyers which we can make easily!

Here are the requirements

  1. You may work alone or with a partner.
  2. You must include:
  • Information about all four angle types
  • Information about 6 triangle types
  • Information about 5 quadrilateral types
  • Directions on finding missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Any other geometry information you would like - including measuring angles
  • You will need to include pictures and one video from -DO NOT USE youtube!
  • You will have at least two class periods to work on your smore
  • Next Friday, December 21 everyone will make a two minute presentation of their smore! So make it fun.

Google Drawing

Pictures for your smore:

Go to your Google Drive.

Create a Google Drawing.

Draw the picture you need.

Title it so that it is something that you will remember.

Click on "File"

Choose "download" as a "JPEG File"

Add content in your smore - drag the picture from the bottom of the screen into your smore.