Are you feeling incapable of retrieving the deleted files from your hard disk? At that time a number of questions raised in your mind like what we have to do? and How can we get them back? Don’t hesitate. We are here to help you. To keep an end for the questions you just have to follow the below steps and simply resolve your problem.

This tutorial is all about how to use Diskdigger to recover deleted files from your hard drive. Unfortunately, you might lose some important files by deleting or by reformatting the drive entirely, DiskDigger will assist you in recovering many of your lost files.

Note: For recovering photos specifically, please refer to the tutorial on recovering photos.

Starṭ your journey by installing DiskDigger. After that, you should check whether your hard drive is in the list of drives available for scanning. Select the drive and click “Next”.

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If the hard drive does not appear in the list of drives to scan, make sure it’s plugged in properly and click the “Refresh list” button. If the drive still does not appear in the list, try plugging it into a different port. And if it still does not appear in the list, it may indicate that the drive has a physical error and may no longer be recoverable.

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