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Washington School Newsletter: June 2019

Important School Dates

  • June 7th at 8:30 am - Student of the Month Awards
  • June 11 - Fun Day
  • June 14th - Last day of school 11:30 dismissal!

Students of the Month (April and May)

  • 1st - Marchello Griffith 1L and Sheriza Ghafur 1L, Mizay 1-D
  • 2nd - Damari Sanford-2L Jacob Altreche 2R
  • 3rd - Kassianys Colon-Santos 3B, Gabriella Burgos 3A
  • 4th - Abigail Genovese 4C, Meah Button 4D
  • 5th - 5C Gabriela Pavon, Bryan Calderon 5B, A’Sharia Friston 5B

Festive Fridays

June 7th - Favorite Summer Outfit

Remember: No jeans are allowed. You must pay $1 to participate.



Chronically Absent by grade:

K - 16.7% went up from last month : (

1 - 4.2% stayed the same

2 - 6.8% went up from last month : (

3 - 2.1% went down ; )

4 - 9.3% stayed the same

5 - 0.0% whoop whoop!

Remember - Your child falls behind when they are not in school!!!!

Research shows “Poor attendance in K and 1 can influence whether children read proficiently by the end of third grade or be held back.”

Washington's MacEducator Night

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Ms. Langan - Teacher of the Year!!!

Classroom News


ELA: Please continue having students write down a complete sentence, practice breaking apart a word by its individual sounds and reading sentences.

Math: Please practice adding and subtracting within 10, counting to 100 and writing numbers neatly.

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1st Grade

ELA: We have been studying about how people work with animals.

Students have been working on sequencing stories using time order words such as, First, Next, Then, Last.

Math: We are working on double digit addition with regrouping. Students finished end of the year testing with Happy Numbers and I-ready!

2nd Grade

ELA: We have learning about the world around us in our last unit in Wonders. We will finish up this unit learning about Nature. The students have done an amazing job with our new program.

Math: We will finish our last unit of math learning about fractions and partitioning rectangles into smaller equal shapes. The students will be able to determine what is equal and not equal as well as how many equal pieces make up a larger shape.

We are excited about fun day approaching quickly as well as creating our Second Grade Memory book. Thank you for an amazing year!

3rd Grade

ELA: We are finishing up the year by working on contractions in our Fundations lessons. Students will also be learning the rest of the cursive letters, they are doing such an awesome job! We will also be finishing up Unit 4 in Wonders where we have been reading about different ways to meet challenges.

Math: We are finishing the year with adding and subtracting within 1000. We will also be working on multiplication getting students ready for 4th grade!

Our field trip to the Maritime Aquarium was a blast! Here are some pictures: Maritime Aquarium 2019

Also, please make sure students are coming to school every day and on time! Both third grade classes are SO close to the lead on Candyland!!
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4th Grade

ELA: We have been reading the book, Flutter, by Erin Moulton. Click on the link for the book trailer: Flutter Book Trailer. It is an adventure about two girls who try to save their little sister. It has several twists and turns and we will be discussing the theme of family throughout the story. We will be wrapping up our year with a few different projects.

Math: We are wrapping up with some geometry skills for the school year. Please remember it is so important that your child knows their math facts. Practice, practice, practice over the summer so your child is ready for 5th grade!!

Our field trip to Lake Compounce is June 6th!

5th Grade

ELA: 5th graders are reading the book, Wonder, by R. J. Palacio. Click on the link for a preview: Wonder Preview . While reading, we will use the lessons in the text to reflect on how we show kindness, tolerance, personal growth, and acceptance. These are important qualities to reflect upon as we enter middle school!

Math: We have had a great year! Students have really shown a lot of growth with many different skills this year! We are putting all those skills to work in a project called The Island. Students will be creating a story similar to Jurassic Park and within that story they will solve numerous reading, writing, science, social studies and math situations! A message was sent home on Class Dojo for check-in dates and a final due date!

Reminder! June 6th is our Lake Compounce trip!

Janessa Campos receives Superintendent's Award!

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Specials Updates


On May 17th we had the pleasure of having author, Fina Lowman, of Waterbury come and talk with a few classes. She talked about the process of publishing a book and answered many questions. It was a great experience for us all to hear from an author and learn about all the hard work that goes into creating books.

I ask that over the next few weeks that students return and books that are checked out. ALL books must be back by June 11th, 2019. Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to take advantage of all the programs the Silas Bronson Library offers!

GYM: Congrats to all our Kids Marathon Runners!!

MEDIA: Our third, fourth and fifth graders are creating a flyer for a mock field trip using Canva and/or Publisher. They did the research and calculated all the costs to create a flyer that they would send home if they were the teacher. Flyers are looking good and I'm sure there are many kids with great ideas for a weekend trip. As always, our State Park beaches are free with Connecticut license plates. Enjoy the sunshine, have fun & go play! :)

Students are continuing to use the Google classroom, Google Slides and Docs to create pieces to show what they know. On a half day recently, they built Google slides in under 20 minutes! Great job.

ART: Our second and third graders are working with oil pastels. Our fourth and fifth graders are experimenting with sculpture with paper mache and Paris craft. Fifth graders are learning the mechanics of paper mache and are creating animals and characters of human heads.

Author Visit!

Committee News


A big thank you to the PTO for helping out at events. Don’t forget we need parent volunteers for Fun Day on Tuesday, June 11th!!!!!


Thank you for a great year! It is important to us for our families to be involved. We look forward to another fabulous year next year.


Please remind students that in order to participate in the monthly DOJO reward, they need 90% or better in their overall DOJO average. This month’s reward is extra recess! Being responsible in the hallway means having hands by your side, walking in a straight line and staying to the right.

Parents, thank you for your support and involvement in your child's education! Have a wonderful Summer!