Jacob Petrus Torrano born in the Barcelona town of Manresa the day 8 August 1976.

Is a climate sciencist and popuralicer spanish. He graduated in geography form the unversity of Barcelona majoring in Climatology. Form May 2014 is presenter Here Earth, informative magazine prorgram abaut the infuence of the weather and meteorology both persons and global. Jacob Petrus debuted on the radio, but proved on local TV. This degree in Geographie Catalan did not go unnoticed and in 2004 joined in Telemadrid chain in wich for nearly ten years has presented weather information. Now in the time of one fulfills the dream of his life : wort where did Martin Rubio and Paco Montesdeoca their referents.

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Somos Telemadrid: Jacob Petrus, el hombre isobara