Author: Elizabeth Eulberg

Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality


This book talks about a girl in high school. The main characters name is Lexi she is a junior. Lexi talks about being one of the popular girls but not the kind of popular to get a guys attention. Her bestfriend Benny talked her into wearing makeup one day to school to see what everyone would think. Lexi had never gotten that much attention before. She got asked out by the biggest jock in school. Lexi didn't think life could get any better until she notices that she is pushing all of her friends away. She started hanging out with the popular crowd and things started to turn ugly. Lexi had taken her friend Cam to a party and before the night was over Lexi confronted the leader of the popular group. Lexi wasn't to nice about it either. Monday at school Lexi completely dropped that crowd and went back to her friends and back to the way things were. Lexi learned having a good personality wasn't so bad after all.