Technology Rules For Parents

Paige Wiebe

Rule #1- Photo Tagging

Make sure you don't have the photo tagging/geo-tagging option on, an anyone can see you and where you took that picture.

Rule #2- Don't Text and Drive

Do not text and drive- it is against the law, because it can cause injury or DEATH if you don't focus on the road.
Tim McGraw Takes the Pledge to Never Text and Drive -- AT&T

Rule #3- Watch What You Post

Be careful what you or your child post on social media websites: ANYONE can see it, and you cannot delete it.

Rule #4- Social Security

Make sure to keep your passwords private, so nobody can mess around with your account.

Rule #5- Do Not Tell Everyone Everything

Keep your public information to a minimal amount, you don't have to show the world where you live, and how old you are!

Rule #6- Restrictions

Be careful what your kids put on social media, and that they know the age restriction for their own safety.

Rule #7- Ignore the Internet Bullies

Don't feed the trolls! (If there is someone sending hate e-mails, don't give them a reaction, delete it!)

Rule #8- Not Everyone is Nice

Warn your children about the bad people that are out there. Although there are pretty amazing things out there, there are also pretty dangerous things in the internet.

Rule #9- Strange Pop-Ups

Make sure you don't click on whatever pops up when you're surfing the web, there is a risk of viruses (such as 'PUPS'), or it could take you to a very bad website!

Rule #10- Give Credit, Don't Copy

If ever you're using information that someone else has given, always give them credit, don't take all their hard work, copy/ paste, and pretend it's yours.