Golden Retriever

History and Origin

They were originally bred for gun dogs to retrieve ducks and upland game birds. They were names retriever because of their ability to bring back game undamaged.

Basic physical characteristics

The golden retriever is a medium sized dog with a broad skull and a straight muzzle. His/her eyes will be a dark brown. They don't have long ears nor do they have short ears. Their average height is 20-24 inches and their average weight is 60-80 pounds. They have a golden color coat.(hence how they got their name)


Golden retrievers love to please and they are loving dogs. They are very well mannered and intelligent. These patient dogs are easy to train and are great with kids. Goldens love to swim and are great animals to play outside with. They do not have much guarding instincts in them but they do make good watch dogs.

Height and weight for male and female

Male- 20-24 inches tall and roughly 60-80 pounds.
Female- 20-22 inches tall and roughly 55-70 pounds.

Feed requirements

Golden retrievers have a recommended amount of 2-3 cups of dog food a day. Preferably split into two meals. To assure your dog maintains a healthy weight don't leave dog food out all the time. Make sure to feed him twice a day.


Since this dog loves the water bathing should be a piece of cake, but only do it when necessary. Use a firm bristle brush to comb through the coat. Make sure to pay attention to the undercoat.

Purchasing this dog

You can purchase this dog in several different ways. If you know someone who has a dog and has recently had puppies you can buy from them. Otherwise the internet is always a good option.

Cool Facts

1. The average cost of owning a medium sized dog over a 10 year time span is estimated at $13,000.
2. Golden retrievers are the 2nd most popular breed.
3. The first breed of dog to win the overall AKC Obedience Championships was the Golden Retriever.

4. Golden Retrievers are considered to be the best breed for a service dog.

5. Golden Retrieves have strong jaws and sharp teeth but they actually have soft mouths. They can carry several different kinds of objects, including living creatures, without damaging them.