Do You Need a Vandal-Proof Camera?

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When shopping for a new or updated cctv surveillance system, it's important to consider whether or not vandal-proof (also referred to as a "vandal resistant") security cameras will benefit your installation. Carlson Communications features a broad range of vandal-proof surveillance cameras outfitted with exceptionally heavy-duty enclosures to withstand physical mistreatment such as blows from objects.

A vandal-proof camera is a powerful security camera system intended to resist vandalism, making sure the security camera or surveillance camera will continue to operate in conditions where people attempt to break it or impair its function. Numerous companies involved in the production of security equipment offer vandal-proof camera products and accessories, and people can also order custom designs for special settings. Common applications for these devices include prisons, stores in regions prone to vandalism, and high tech security systems where functionality of the system is critical.

The security camera is located in a smooth, tough housing, often dome-shaped, that will resist attempts to break, shatter, or tear it apart. A layer of thick protective glass or plastic is positioned over the lens, allowing the camera to be completely enclosed. Limiting exposure of camera components assures continued functionality. Signal wires and similar devices are tucked inside the housing and run through the wall, making it impossible for vandals to cut them or pull them out to interrupt the signal from the camera.

Working around a vandal-proof camera requires more skills and planning than a traditional security camera. This can act as a deterrent, reducing crime in an area, especially if all of the cameras fitted are of this type, eliminating blind spots and making it impossible to engage in criminal activity without being picked up on a camera somewhere in the vicinity.In cases where cameras can be remote controlled to pan, shift angles, and offer other features, the housing can be designed to permit some mobility without exposing the camera body or lens.

If your surveillance application is susceptible to vandalism or other damage, then we recommend investing in a vandal-proof system. Here are three preemptive measures you can take if you haven't already purchased a vandal-proof system:

Check cabling: Make sure to have the camera's cable is out of sight and unreachable by someone walking near or directly in its path. All cabling should be concealed by a wall or ceiling to prevent someone from trying to disconnect the camera.

Mounting: If possible, the camera should be flush-mounted into a ceiling or wall to make it less vulnerable to an attack. This type of installation makes it so that the camera is not entirely exposed. As a result, it's less of a target to someone who's looking to break or dismantle it. A hanging or pendant mount will make it easier for someone to attack the camera.

Out-of-Reach Placement: Surveillance cameras should be installed on surfaces that are out of arm's reach. Consider placement on high ceilings and walls when installing your system.

Speak to one of our system specialists now to learn more about vandal-resistant cameras. We have several indoor and outdoor options available depending on the needs of your business. Don't wait -- invest in a vandal system today.

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