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August 12th, 2018

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Dates To Know For 2018-2019

  • August 15th: First Day of School- school starts at 8:50am (please click the button below for the first week of school schedule)
  • August 28th: Open House
  • September 13th: College Night (District-wide event held at CHS)
  • September 24th-September 28th- Homecoming week
  • October 19th: Picture Makeup Day

Learners Beginning Their Day at CHS

CHS is having learners start their day in homerooms for the first day of school. All NTH@C learners who begin at CHS will need to wait in the cafeteria there until 1st period begins.
Shuttle Schedule

Please click here for the shuttle schedule. We are still waiting on a time for the YMCA/ swimmer shuttle. Please note, we will make an announcement the first three days of school to let you know when the shuttle is leaving. CHS and CHS9 will not!!

Student IDs ***updated

This year, all CISD high school learners will be required to wear a photo ID. Our campus will still have a trust card as well, but I wanted our learners to know that they will need both IDs this school year. If you did not make schedule pickup, your trust card will suffice until new ones can be made at picture makeup. In the meantime, if you have a picture ID from last year, it isn't a bad idea to wear it!!!

Middle School iPads or HS Laptop Info

Please remember that if you did not turn in your ipad or charger, that you will need to take care of this soon! If you lost your charger, the replacement cost is $38. Learners must turn in iPads before they can be checked out a laptop. If you still need to get your laptop, the makeup times to do so are:

August 9th from 6pm-8pm (during the Back to School Bash)

August 14th from 2pm-4pm

Remember you must also bring a case for your laptop in order to check it out.

Please click the link below for information about parent ECHO (contains our grading system) information

First Week of School Reminders

We can't wait to have everyone back on Wednesday, August 15th. Please note that although it is a Wednesday, we will start school at the new normal time of 8:50am on that day.

  1. We want to remind learners who start their day at CHS or CHS9 (for a UIL event like band, choir, athletics, etc.) that they need to start their day at CHS or CHS9 before coming to NTH@C. This is true even on the first day of school. It is very rare that you will be encouraged to miss your CHS/CHS9 class.
  2. The shuttle between CHS, CHS9, and NTH@C will be running on the first day of school and will follow normal shuttle times (click on the Bell and Shuttle Schedule Link to see those times). CHS/CHS9 will have a slightly different schedule on day one but the shuttles will run at the published times. Please set your alarm for your shuttle times. They will not announce when shuttles arrive at CHS/CHS9.
  3. We begin the first couple of days at NTH@C in what are called first week projects. Learners will arrive to school on the first day and find their assigned rooms for first week projects on the doors and display boards in the front of the school. While first week projects are going on, learners will still attend their CHS classes at their normal times.
  4. The parent drop off loop is on the side of the building (where the faculty parking lot is located). The front of the building is where our buses drop off every morning. Please do not use the front for drop off/pick up as this will slow down buses and also interfere with staff parking. This is even more true this year as we will have shuttles running between all three campuses throughout the day.

Full FLEX Wednesdays (also known as networking days)

For those of you new to NTH@C, you may not know that we have a completely different schedule for Wednesdays that we refer to as FLEX. On FLEX days, the school day is divided into 30 minute increments that learners will sign up for throughout the day with their various facilitators. Learners will sign up for their Wednesday schedules in advance using a google form that we send out each week. Here is the basic information that you need to know about the schedule for that day:

Networking versus no-networking days:

School will begin at 9:00am on networking/flex Wednesdays. You will report to your 1st or 5th period class at 9:00. If you are not on campus for 1st/5th, you will report to your networking class at 10:30. Networking this year will be from 10:30-12:00.

**All learners are expected to be at school all day on Networking days unless they have a release period.

Wednesdays that we do not have networking will begin at 8:50am.

Flex Schedule Template

This link will give you an idea of what Wednesdays look like

PTSO Membership Has a New Site!!!

PTSO is moving to a new site called Membership Toolkit? Here is the link to the site that explains what to do. While at this site you will be able to register, pay for PTO Membership, Write a Check and preorder spirit wear (spirit wear is still in process of design, but will be coming soon!!).