Take December 2015 by STORM!

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Congratulations TEAM!

Congratulations to all RED HAUTE RUBIES on another phenomenal month! We styled, we launched, we achieved, we promoted, we helped people shop for Holiday Gifts, we earned, we accrued more Dot Dollars Shoppers and most of all we had FUN! What a stellar way to end the year as a team hitting STAR DIRECTOR again, two times in a row. In December alone, we sold $281,618 as a team, one of our very best months in SALES with almost 350 Trunk Shows held! A----MAZING WORK Ladies, everyone should be so proud of each and every piece sold and effort made to end 2015 on top. I couldn't be happier of the growth of our team and the amount of experience and knowledge we gained this last year. We improve our skills month after month and have created such a special team and community. Every Meeting, Training, Bootcamp, Directors Summit, Call, and Hoopla, we have gotten to know each other better and have reached out farther and farther to help each other move our business forward. THAT is SUCCESS in my book!

I am really excited for 2016 and know from a COMPANY standpoint that BIG things are on the horizon and this will be our best year yet! We are so lucky to be Stylist for such an amazing brand and have this opportunity in front of us. With our broadened portfolio of products to offer, improved quotas and compensation plan and all of the tools at our fingertips that get better and better each year, this is our time to shine even BRIGHTER!

So many great things on the calendar for January for us!

1/9 Bay Area Bootcamp

1/12 Team Webinar with The S&D Home Office

1/20-1/22 Directors Summit in NAPA…your leaders will bring back the GOODS!

1/29 The RHR LEADERSHIP Design Center Tour in Sausalito for Stars and Up

and countless Spring Rallies going on right in YOUR neck of the woods! Have you registered for one?!

I hope that you and your pacing partner have connected and are working your plan for this first Quarter of 2016. I love the blank slate and freshness of January. It is a good feeling to hit "Re-START!" NOW is the time!

I will be at the Bay Area Bootcamp Saturday and our very own RED HAUTE RUBIES TEAM will be performing a LIVE Faux Show for the audience. Your Team Actresses are: Heather Cooper, Heather Downey, Nicole Ruiz, Jennifer Finger, Katy Perez, Melissa Lucero and Myself. I have also nominated both Amanda Vella and Ivy Nagel to share their WISDOM to the room too! It will be a great day of learning, inspiring and connecting!

Thank you for all you do and are and keep working those DOT DOLLAR SALES throughout the day. The fortune is in that follow up and people need your reminders!

Good Luck and cheers to a fabulous January!



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Top 50 Stylists in Sales for December….CONGRATULATIONS!

6845.39 Sara Gross

6750.48 Aurelie Erikson

6643.13 Cynthia Briggeman

6365.27 lucy wheeler

5848.74 Lori Tahsler

5184.77 Heather Downey

4790.4 Ivy Nagel

4589.05 Candace Naccari

4294.1 Karie Matthews


4093.1 Jan Scott

3548.11 Victoria Haller

3524.78 Heather Cooper

3476.03 Jane Reid

3225.66 Jennifer Finger

3060.89 Lorraine Costello

3057.46 Nancey Gerard

2977.95 Jessica Crone

2958 Donna Meyer

2911.35 Amber Davis

2629.27 Kendra Deahr

2597.35 Melissa Morris

2592.1 Shannon Moody

2565.01 Katy Perez

2477.67 Sarah Van Drunen

2441.9 Nicole Ervin

2440.78 Carol Conlon

2402.65 Steffanie Trosko

2382.79 Cynthia Dittman

2318.21 Nichola Galentine

2296.51 Michelle Bogdan

2176.51 Mojgan Yeganeh

2139.81 Mary Gomes

2076 Gretchen Caraher

2036.53 Rita Riemer

2015.85 Kristina Clecak

1999.51 Laura Cartwright

1966.4 Ana Ortiz

1962.41 Elizabeth Maya

1962.1 Jessica Kilman

1896.28 Elissa Tryfon

1890.15 Jennifer O'Leary

1796.64 Nicole Ruiz

1780.8 Kristine Schulte

1746.53 Jessica Poelman

1738.75 Margaret Taylor

1717.53 Kelly Crocker

1607 Patricia Pava

1589.65 Korinne Boyle

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Sara Gross, Top in Sales!

Look Who Sponsored in December and grew their team!

Candace Naccari, New Orleans, LA 2

Aurelie Erikson, Roseville, CA 1

Cynthia Briggeman, Newport Beach, CA 1

Lucy wheeler, El Dorado Hills, CA 1

Cynthia Dittman, Whitefish Bay, WI 1

Laura Cartwright, Folsom, CA 1

Kelly Crocker, San Leandro, CA 1

Holly Wright, Jacksonville, FL 1

Lorraine Dunne, Castlerea, Roscommon 1

Violaine Bargues, Talence 1

Halee Bruce, Carbondale, IL 1

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Candace Naccari, Top in Sponsoring!


Cindy Dittman, Whitefish Bay, WI, Senior Stylist

Laura Cartwright, Folsom, CA, Associate Stylist

Violaine Bargues, Talence, Lead Stylist

Lorraine Dunne, Castlerea, Roscommon, Lead Stylist

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A great month for Booking and a bonus for Hosting!

Who is your next teammate!? A FAB Sign Up Special!

RED Haute Rubies Team Webinar

Join the RHRs and our Home Office for a 1st Quarter Webinar outlining all of the exciting things happening to kick off our year. This will be led by Megan Maloney from our Home Office and will be one NOT to be missed. Please add to your calendar now!

January 12th, 2016, 1pm PT/ 3pm CT/ 4pm ET

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Have a great first week of January and let me know if you need a thing!


Lori Tahsler

Star Director

Red Haute Rubies

(925) 548 3442