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5th Grade

September 16, 2016


This week in Reading we talked about more of the signposts authors build into their writing to help us understand the story more deeply. We covered the "Words of the Wiser" and "Aha Moments" signposts, and watched some video clips to reinforce them. Ask your student to explain them, and then look for signposts in your reading and even when you're watching a movie or show!
Notice and Note - Aha Moments
Notice and Note - Words of the Wiser


This week in writing we discussed the importance in beginning our writing with a lead. Leads help hook the reader into our writing. The students learned about 6 different leads that they can incorporate into their writing throughout the year. In addition, we talked about sensory details. This allows the reader to visualize and picture what is written. Next week, there will be an On-Demand Assessment. This is an assessment that requires students to write a personal narrative in a 45 minute time period. The students will write based on a prompt they are given the day of the assessment.

Scholastic Book Orders

There is still time to order from our class Scholastic Book Club order forms. The deadline for both online and in class orders is September 23rd. You may copy and paste the link below to connect directly to your reading teacher's account:

Mrs. Mata

Ms. Lauden

Every book you order helps us build our classroom libraries with books your kids will enjoy.


The hats the students designed and brought to school on Friday looked great! We will be working on lab tools in science next week. At the end of the week, we will review for our first test on Monday (9/12) which will cover lab safety and lab tools.


This week in math we worked on multiplying 3 digit by 2 digit numbers. Most of the students are getting the hang of it and doing well. If your child is struggling you can help them by practicing their facts at home. Next week we will begin multiplying with decimals. We will be multiplying a whole number by a decimal and a decimal by a decimal. They will be using a lot of pictures and models to help ensure conceptual understanding.

Students who scored less than 70 on the place value, adding and subtracting test will be retaught and given a chance to take a retest next week

multiplying decimals area model

Social Studies

This week we played a simulation game in which the students planed a trip to the new world to start colonies. Next week, they will be researching one of the 13 original colonies and creating an advertisement.

Grades for the map assessment will be available in the Home Access Center next week. Students who scored lower than a 70 will be retaught and given a chance to make corrections.

Peanut and Nut Allergies!

Please make sure that your child does not bring anything with peanuts or nuts in it for a snack. We have a handful of students who are allergic to peanuts and nuts.

Students are allowed to bring peanut/nut foods for lunch, but for our after specials snack at 10:00 am, we would really appreciate it if they did not bring it.

Home Access Center

Please click the link below for a PDF with instructions on how to access the Home Access Center

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