Veselka Red Character Shoes Are In

Please come in with your daughter tomorrow evening to try on their new shoes. Please be there 20 minutes before class to ensure that they are the proper fit. Any shoes that do not fit the girls, I will be mailing back to the store on Wednesday. The shoes are $63 and the red elastic that needs to be sewn into every shoe is $3. The total for each dancer is $66. She gave me 10% off because I did a group order. $59.40 plus 5%= $62.37 owed to myself, Brenda Muir. I will not let your daughter dance in their shoes or take them home until I have received your payment. So please come with either a cheque or cash. Thanks, see you tomorrow.

Fort McMurray Ukrainian Cultural Society

Brenda Muir, President

Clarissa Vargo, Vice President

Nancy Slukynski, Vice President