Chewing Gum


Wrigley chewing gum

Chewing gum has been around for a long time. Before we made a certain thing people all over the world would find plants like mint and chew on it as a thirst quencher, and or for some flavor.

Are there any real befits to chewing gum?

Well in the end it really just depend on what kind of gum you are chewing. If you chew sugar free gum for up to 20 minutes it can help your gums and teeth. It also helps your breath, and if your thirsty you can chew gum. So yes chewing gum can be good for you. And if your wondering no it does not take 7 years to digest a pieces of gum.

What is this made of?

Chewing gum is mostly just made of plants, sweetener and, flavoring. First they melt the ingredients together , then they mix every thing, next they put it through rollers to flatten it. Next they do what they call scoring when they do that they cut the gum into strips or small pieces ect. The next thing they do is called conditioning, that is when they

Who came up with gum?

Wrigley was one of the first company's to make chewing gum that had the right consistency. That is why Wrigley is one of the most popular brands of gum and all ways has been.