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News and Notes from Clever 6-8 Middle School September 2020

Message From the Principal!

As we close out the month of September, it gives us an opportunity to reflect, regroup, and rejuvenate. As a school community, it is more important than ever before that, we collaborate and work together to make sure our children are successful. Parents, thank you for the time you spend every day on the digital platform helping your children access Canvas, live sessions, recorded sessions, and daily assignments. Also, thank you in advance for your patience as we overcome any technical difficulties and adjust our schedules and routines. As we continue this month in the mode of collaboration, we want to remind parents to make sure they stay connected!

Communication Tools:

  1. Remind - Click Here
  2. Facebook - Like Clever Schools 6-8
  3. Canvas Parent Access - Click Here
  4. Email - Clever Schools Staff Directory
  5. STI Grades Online - Contact Mrs. Tangora for more information.

Student Technology/Chromebook Reminders:

  • Full-time users should bring a charged chromebook with them daily. Chargers may be brought to school in the event that the device charge won’t last all day.

  • The school does not have chargers to loan students. However, replacement chargers may be purchased in the middle school office.

  • Headphones or earbuds are required for students to be able to listen to the recorded videos lessons without disrupting others.

  • Damage to a student device should be reported IMMEDIATELY! The damage will be assessed by the technology dept.and invoice will be generated for any repairs needed. The school does NOT cover the cost of any damaged device unless it is within factory warranty.

  • Chromebooks should be stored in a protective case when they are not being used. The dimensions of student devices are 11.6 inch for those looking to buy one online or a local retail store.

We greatly appreciate your partnership and support! Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions at 417-743-4820.

Student Handbook Highlight: Cell Phones

Can my child have their cell phone with them at school?

Yes, students may have their device with them at school. However, access to the device should be limited.

Cell phone usage is NOT permitted during class or passing time. We suggest that students power down and store their device in their bookbag on a regular basis. Students failing to follow this policy will result in the loss of privileges to have their device at school.

Students may use cell phones during lunch and recess (11:50-12:30). Usage is limited to playing games, listening to music, or sending and checking messages. Students are NOT allowed to take pictures or make phone calls during this time. Students failing to comply with this policy will lose the privilege to have their device at school.

Parents, we ask for your help with this process by NOT texting your child during the school day. This may create a distraction or disruption to the learning process. In the event you need to get a hold of your child, please call the office.

Student Exploratory Classes

What is Exploratory?

"Exploratory," an innovative program in which students take three-week mini-courses on a variety of topics. In these classes they learn about subjects that are either outside of their regular core curriculum or not covered as extensively as they would be in a stand-alone course.

How Exploratory Works?

Once a three-week block is completed, students rotate to the next Exploratory class on their schedule. By the end of the school year, students will have rotated through the entire menu of classes for their grade.

  • Literature Discussion
  • WWII
  • Geography
  • Geometry
  • Team Sports
  • Science Fair
  • Outdoor Science
  • Creative Writing
  • FACS
  • Science of Well Being
  • Data & Statistics
  • Band

How Exploratory is Assessed?

Students will receive a summative grade each week. These summative assessments will be entered into STI and be included on the grade check progress reports. All assessments will be tied to the College and Career Readiness Missouri Learning Standards.

What to do if your child is quarantined?

In the event that your child becomes quarantined for 14-days, I want to assure you that we will do everything we can to make sure your child’s education is not disrupted. Below are a few procedures we have put in place to help make a smooth transition. Communication between school and home is pivotal in order for your child to be successful with distance learning.

  • Students will be added to a temporary bluejays@home Canvas class. This will allow us to share information with them regarding zoom schedules and at home procedures.

  • Students with internet access should plan on following the bluejays@home schedule. Zooming into the classes will provide the student with the best possible at home instruction. Recorded video lessons will also be available.

  • Students without internet access may be provided hard copies of assignments/assessment when possible.These items can be picked up from the outside tables in front of the middle school office. Please coordinate with your child’s teacher for specifics.

6th Grade Bluejays@HOME

Students in quarantine will remain in their regularly scheduled explore class but will not required to zoom.

7th Grade Bluejays@HOME (Updated 9.22.20)

Students in quarantine will remain in their regularly scheduled explore class but will not required to zoom.

8th Grade Bluejays@HOME

Students in quarantine will remain in their regularly scheduled explore class but will not required to zoom.

Tutoring Options

Tutoring options are available both before and after school on a regular basis. Please contact your child’s teacher for more information and availability.

Periodically, we will offer Saturday tutoring sessions from 8-11. Information will be sent to parents when the next Saturday tutoring session is available.

19-20 Yearbooks For Sale!

They are $20 each and will be available for purchase in each of the elemiddle offices. If writing a check, please make checks payable to Jostens.

Don't Have Wifi? What Do I Do?

Did you know that all Bluejay families have free access to the district hot spot when they are logged in on a district issued device? Hot spots are available at the high school, elementary and middle school entrances. All you need to do is park in one of the parking spots, login on your district Chromebook or Ipad and you will be granted access.
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Athletic Spotlight!

Girls Volleyball

This year's team is coached by Justin Snider and Callie Maher. The teams have had early season success and currently stand undefeated at 2-0. They look forward to the competition this weekend as they play in the Pleasant Hope Tournament. Good luck the rest of the season.

Boys Football

First year head coach Ryan Heflin and his assistant Brady Dawson are excited about the season and look forward to having some fun this year. Currently, the team stands at 0-2 but have put in a bunch of work these past few days to better prepare for the rest of the season. The next game will be on Tuesday, September 22nd at home. Come out and cheer on the boys!

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