The Flying Dutchman

The legendary ghost ship

History of the Flying Dutchman

The Flying Duchman went down at The Cape Of Good Hope in cena 1600's. They say that it huants all ships that past the cape. Legends have it that the captain, thats named by the devil, will sail for all his life and for ever. The devil will comand the captain to take soul and if you can claim all the souls your worth then you will be freed. Some holland sailors say that when they were passing they saw the ship passing them and then disipared in the mist and never been seen ever that voyage

Is The Flying Dutchman really a ghost ship?

One qustion I had when I reserching was is The Flying Dutchman really a ghost ship or is it a old sail ship that sails down at the cape all the time?

My opinion about this haunting ghost ship

My opinion

My opinion is that the ghostship is that it is real because i think the ship does

The home and th looks of The Flying Dutchman

The Dutchmans home is down under the sea down in the deepes. No one has really seen the ship under water, but only above the water of the cape. Some peope that have seen this ghost ship said that this ship looks like it was scooped off the bottom of the sea floor. The holland sailors that have seen this ship said it had sea weed hanging over the side and had blood red sails and was at full set sails all the time. This ghost ship is haunting the sea.