The life of Bethany Hamilton

My thesis statement

My role model is Bethany Hamilton because she is determined, caring, and a leader. She is very determined becaue she is disabled and she could just givne up on her dreams and given up on surfing but she is determined not to give up and to keep fighting. She is caring because she has a very busy life and all off her surfing she cares so much about all of her fans to do and do speakings and write her fans letters which she very easily dosen't have to be doing. She is also a leader because she inspires pepole eveyday that just want to give up but she inspries them to just keep going and to never give up on there dreams becasue she never did.

Bethany's awards and honors

Bethany has won 17 awards and honors since 2003. Some of the different awards she has won have been New York #1 Best-Seller Author: Soul Surfer in 2011, USA Today- free spirt award, Olympic Torch Honoree- Hawaii's First Ever Triathlon. FOX Teen Choice Awards- Courage Award, and so many more. Bethany truly is an amazing role model and all the awards and honors she has gotten truly does show what an amazing person she is.

These are some pictures that represent Bethany's Life

Bethany's Life

Bethany's Early Childhood

Bethany grew up in Lihue Kauai, Hawaii. From the age 2-5 Bethany learned to surf with her parents. When Bethany was 8 she had her first real surf competition. When she was 13 years old she came in 2nd place at NSSA a national surf competition. Later on that year was when the attack happened. After the attack she started surfing again only 26 days after the accident. Bethany continues to surf still today at the age of 23. She is a role model for thousands of people to this day!