Literary terms

Holly Barnes

Implausible Character/ Incident

A character or event in a drama or story that is not believable to a reader

Ex- On The Walking Dead, when Nicholas shot himself in the head and left Glenn to die. Everyone thought Glenn was dead but then he resurfaced like 2 episodes later.

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Incremental Repetition

Repeated phrases or lines with successive minor changes in form or context which enhance and intensify the meaning.

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Indeterminate Ending

An ending in which the central conflict is unresolved

Ex- Shutter island because he ends up back on the boat and restarts everything

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Indirect Characterization

Process by which an author reveals a character implicitly, through his or her actions, thoughts, or words through the actions of others to or for him or her.

Speech, Thoughts, Effects on other Characters, Actions, Looks.

The Steal Wheel.

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Interior Monologue

A recording of internal emotional experience on a non-verbal.

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Internal Conflict

The opposition of the protagonist against forces within himself or herself, as with values, conditioning, or mental instability.

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Internal Rhyme

The repetition of end sounds of word in the middle of a poetic line.

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A recognition of incongruities in event, situation, or structure in which reality differs from appearance.

Ex- A firetruck catching on fire & escalators leading to a fitness center.

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Juvenalian Satire

A mode of satire that attacks vice and human follies with contempt and indignation through harsh, far-too-realistic observations.

Ex- Animal Farm, mocks the Russian society after the revolution.


Placing side by side for a particular effect.


In Anglo-Saxon poetry, a metaphor composed of compound words to replace a more common noun, often hyphenated.

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Literary Present Tense

The convention of using the present tense when writing about imaginative literature except when discussing antecedent action.

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Loose Sentences

Long, rambling sentences beginning with subject and predicate followed by many modifiers and subordinate ideas with no particular emphasis.

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Lyric Poem

A short poem expressing an emotion or idea.

Ex- The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

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