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April 26th, 2019

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

Despite the cool and rainy weather, I hope every middle school student found some joy and meaning in this year's Outdoor Education experience! Facing challenges together in the great outdoors strengthens relationships, builds confidence, and gives us the chance to push ourselves beyond what we thought possible. These are the kinds of experiences that students and teachers will look back upon fondly throughout their lives.

I want to thank all students who rose to the occasion this year determined to have a great time! Many thanks also to all our excellent teachers for keeping kids safe, happy, and engaged.

We have an eventful week ahead of us with the Term 5 assembly, and the Spring Book Fair. On Tuesday, our 8th graders will visit the Korean War Memorial Museum with Mr. Keel and Mr. Drews. As the year winds down, CDS students can expect to be very busy so hang in there everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

Adventure Korea 2019

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Grade 5 & 6 Highlights

Day 1 Update from Liz Kim

Today was a great start of Adventure Korea. First we went to the strawberry farm where we picked some strawberries. The lady and man owning the farm were really nice and kind. We ate lots of strawberries and packed some to bring home. After we went to the animal farm. We ate lunch, we played, and fed the animals. THEY WERE ALL SO CUTE!

​After feeding the animals we made chocolate ice cream. Then we rode a wagon and went to a dog performance. The dog was called Leo and was adorable. After the performance we played in the awesome playground. Next we went to the steamed bun kitchen. We made delicious buns and stored them in some containers to bring home. Finally we arrived at the hotel. There was some confusion about the rooms, so we had to arrange new ones. Then we ate and did fun activities in the hotel. Today was an awesome start to Adventure Korea and I am so excited for tomorrow!!

~ Liz Kim

Day 2 Update from G6 Sky Ha

Hello! My name is Sky Ha in 6A from Cheongna Dalton School who participated in the 2019 Adventure Korea trip. There, we did many different and exciting activities and I truly enjoyed them all. In my opinion, the best part of this trip was the ziplining experience up in the mountains. If you don’t already know what ziplining is, it is basically a sport where you slide down a suspended rope in the air. I really liked this part because I enjoyed the speed and the thrill of zipping down a line.

​Unfortunately, due to the rain we couldn’t go on the hike that was planned afterward. So instead, we went back to the hotel and had some free time followed by group games and some students, such as myself, participated in bowling. It was a lot of fun, though I only got a score of 68. Afterward, we had a delicious meal of pork barbecue. We finished the day playing in the arcade and having a blast. This was an awesome experience for me.

~ Sky 6A
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Day 1: Grade 7 & 8 Highlights

Day 1 Update from Cindy Shin

Today was the first day at Adventure Korea. We arrived and ate lunch. Then we went right away to the cave. The cave was named "백룡"cave, and we went in by our house. When we went in, we realized that there were a lot of rocks shaped like something else, like an elephant or mostly some kind of animal. There were other things like creatures which come out in myths, etc. It was also fun that the cave was not flat. There were small holes which we had to crawl through, and steep grounds where we had to be careful not to slip. I think that was on of the things that made the cave experience fun. We also saw 2 to 3 bats, depending on the class. I think overall it was a good way to learn about caves and how it is created.

​After that, we came to our pensions. Our room was pretty clean, and we were satisfied. After that and eating lunch, we learned about some bugs which are born in the water and come out later. They focused on teaching us about mayflies and other fly types. We also tried catching some. We saw mayflies and moth types also. It was fun catching the bugs. I think today was, overall, pretty fun, and I am personally satisfied.

- Cindy Shin

Day 1 Update from Cindy and Sophia

The trip started at around 8:30 when the bus departed from the CDS full of excited students. We arrived at the cave site around noon, where we ate lunch near a beautiful lake and mountains. Everyone prepared to enter the cave after changing into jumpsuits and special gear, and riding a boat to the cave entrance. We explored the cave and they learned a lot about how caves form over time, along with the different types of formations in caves. We also saw a lot of interesting things in the cave such as heating system with wood from the Joseon dynasty and scribbles of names on walls. It was very educational and fun!

Afterwards, we rode the bus back to where we would be staying and ate dinner. After dinner, we listened to a lecture about ecological systems and the bugs in the area, then got to see the bugs up close in a catch and release experience. We are all resting and hanging out together after today’s activities, and everyone seems very excited and happy to start off the rest of adventure Korea!

-Sophia and Cindy

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Day 2: Grade 7 & 8 Highlights

Day 2 Update from G7 Yoonsuh Choi

Today, we first hiked up the mountain trail road next to the caving experience place. Our 7th and 8th grade groups arrived at the area at about 9:30, and we first heard safety precautions for the approximately 2 hour hike. During the hike, there were some minor injuries, but fortunately none of the 7&8th graders were hurt. Before the second course, the ziplining activity, we were able to eat kimbap lunch, have some free time, and then go to the ziplining course.

After the ziplining, we were able to do a short bungee sky jump at about 11m tall, and most of the kids had fun at both the ziplining and the sky jump. As the rain fell, we quickly moved to the area where the fishing experience equipment and safety precautions were readied. We wore the equipment, listened to some information, and we were then able to start walking to the river near the pensions. As we walked to the fishing river, we chose roles in the groups of 6, such as the net-holders and the fish collectors. We went into the river, we worked with trial and error, and a lot of teamwork, we were able to capture a surprisingly enormous amount of a variety of fish species. Also, we were able to bring water bugs and capture them in a jar to observe them.

​After the tiring activities, we ate a lot of pork belly. We were really excited for the special dinner. After all of the activities finished, we were able to have a lot of free recreation time until the time to go into the pensions. We were able to have a really fun experience on the second day.

~Yoonsuh Choi

Day 2 Update from Gangjoon Lee & Minseong Park


Today our teachers woke us up at 7:15. We were all tired from our first day, but we were excited for day two. We had sandwiches for breakfast and set out for the mountain to go hiking. On the trail there were a lot of obstacles getting in our way. The mountain was slippery from the rain and the path was very bumpy, but we helped each other out along the way. It was a long hike, but the view was absolutely beautiful. After that, we ate tuna kimbop. It was delicious. In the afternoon we went fishing and sampling for marine wildlife. We got to search for, cavth, and observe fishes and larvas in the river. Next, we went to do some extreme activities. First we went sky jumping from a structure about 15 meters high. It was a very fun experience. After that, we went zip lining. We could see the amazing view of the town and the mountains. We had BBQ for dinner. We had lots of fun cooking the meat for ourselves. Finally, we had free time to spend with our friends.

~ Gangjoon Lee & Minseong Park

[Upcoming Events]

Grade 8 - War Memorial Museum Field Trip

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Spring Book Fair (May 2nd-3rd)

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DSMUN @Dulwich Seoul College (May 3rd-5th)

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[This week, around CDS MS]

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Spanish Creative Writing Competition

Students in Spanish beginner level have learned a great deal this school year. They started the year with alphabet, counting numbers, telling dates, and times, and by the end of Term #4, they created a book about a person they chose.

They talked about who this person is, how old they are, how do they look like, where do they live, what do they like to do on the weekends, what is their favorite food, how is their family like, how many people are there in their family, how is their home like. At the end of the book, they wrote a small description about the author, themselves. In addition, they recorded their voices into the the book and published them. Please click the links to see the masterpieces MS students created. Hope you enjoy them.

G5 (1st place) Joseph Jin

G6 (2nd place) Neul Ha

G5 (3rd place) Sophia Lee

~ Ms. Che

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2018-19 Dalton Cup

This year's Dalton Cup was full of a lot of intense, action packed games. They students put forth a great effort and how to improve their collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills as they developed their character through sportsmanship and built upon their sense of community within their teams.

We had 3 terms of Dalton Cup sports. In term 1, we played soccer, which is always a student favorite. Team Korea ended up being the tournament champions for that sport. During term 3, the voted on sport to play was dodge ball. Also a usual student favorite to play. This may also be because at the end of each regular season match, the students played against the teachers. Phoenix won the dodge ball tournament in term 3. Finally, in term 4, we had for the first time ever capture the flag. Although the pace of this activity is typically a little slower paced compared to the other sports, it was a great opportunity for the students to learn strategy, communication and collaboration in order to be successful and they learned that sometimes you have to make personal sacrifices in order for your team to have a chance at being more successful. Dalton went into the final tournament with a game plan and executed it to perfection and resulted in being the capture the flag champions.

Overall, it was a great year of Dalton Cup sports and we are already looking forward to it starting again next school year. Thank you everyone for participating and showing a lot of sportsmanship!!

- Mr. Monette

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Social Studies with Mr. Drews

Our 6th Grade Social Studies class has been exploring how Native American societies adapted to and modified their unique environmental contexts.

To showcase their learning, teams made a museum exhibit including a diorama, key, and poster. Students have been very busy and creative in trying to find ways to make their exhibits come to life!

- Mr. Drews

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Life Science with Mr. Howell

This Tuesday grade 7 Life Science students wrapped up their study of animal life cycles by investigating the anatomy of a frog during dissection. We began with an overview of the correct dissection procedures and then divided up roles and responsibilities, such as head surgeon and photographer, etc…

As soon as the frogs were laid out the classroom was filled with a mixture of shouts, screams, and excitement. Students cooperated effectively in their groups to investigate the inner workings of the frogs and document their findings. Ultimately it was a unique learning opportunity which will no doubt leave a lasting impression. Ribbit!!!!!

- Mr. Howell

[MS Athletics]

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Middle School Documents

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Upcoming Events

  • 4/27 - Boys Basketball @DSS

  • 4/27 - Girls Basketball @CI

  • 4/27 - G5 Basketball @KIS Pangyo

  • 4/30 - G8 Field Trip - War Memorial Museum

  • 5/2-5/3 - Spring Book Fair

  • 5/2 - Term 5 Assembly

  • 5/3-5/5 - DSMUN @Dulwich College Seoul