Kody Scott

aka Monster

Who Is Kody Scott?

Kody Scott was born in 1963, the fifth of six children. His parents had split when he was seven but his father continued to see him. He then was introduced to his stepfather who abused both Kody's mother her children. Because growing up in South Central and seeing the Crip start when he was only six years old, the violence seemed normal as well as tagging walls to mark gang turf. His friend and neighbor Tookie William was the O.G. at the time and it was him who helped Kody get affiliated and initiated with the Crips. Kody is an infamous Crip gangster and was initiated to the gang at the age of 11. As a young member of the Crips he followed Tookie's ways on how to be a leader in which he would later become.
At the age of 13 he had beaten a victim of a robbery so badly that the police said it was "work of a monster" and then that nickname stuck. Kody was given the O.G. status from his set at the age of 18. By his the age of 15 he was already responsible for various murders. When he was 21, he was introduced to his 3 year old daughter Keonda. Kody was still living with his mom at the age of 19 with no job and no school career. By 1988, Kody had already been in and out of jail at least a dozen times.
Insha Allah, don't be deceived by those who look like us but think like the oppressor.

- Muhammad Abdullah

What Kody Was All About

MUSIC: While Kody was in jail he was moved by music he could relate to. He listened to artist like Jimmy Reed and James Brown.

GUNS: Kody seemed to know what kind of gun was being used by the sound it made. He also picked his gun for the occasion.

GANG-BANGING: Even though he was shot several times and almost killed, Kody didn't intend to leave the gang life.

RESPECT: Kody looked for respect within his set and gang members by fighting or threatening others.

UNITY: Kody joined the gang so he was able to be part of something and to recognized when achieving something even a hit or bringing a gun for the set.

CHANGE: When Kody went to the Islamic services he changed his way of thinking and then he spread out the word throughout his members in jail. He was one of the few who was actually really into the talks that Muhammad gave.


Li'l Monster: Mom send much love to you and hopes you are doing okay in jail. Since you've been gone the Eight Trays have been out of control. Oh and it was a couple a months ago that Tray Ball was killed. I know that sooner or later you will get this message.

Crazy De: Kody! The police is out looking for who killed a mob of Sixties and a witness had said your name then gave your description. You need stay away from them.

Tamu: Remember 3 years ago? Well the babby was born today and her name is Keonda. Hope she gets to see her father soon.

Kody Scott