Northern snake head

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The Northern Snakehead

The northern snake head aka (the scientific version) Channa Argus
The northern snake head has a long dorsal fin with no bony plates on the underside of the fin. It has enlarged scales on the head and has a pelvic fun closer to the head compared to the bowfish. There is also no eyespot on the causal peduncle
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Last seen

The northern snake head was last seen around southern and Eastern Asia and near the Great Lakes watershed

Prey it feeds on

It feeds on zooplankton, frogs, toads, small birds, (ETC)

preventing the snakehead

Authorities have prevented all types of snakehead from entering the country

Who to contact

You can contact us if you find anything at 1-877-tips-mnr(8477-7667)

Or call crime stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-tips(8477)


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